Men home breakers are everywhere these days


There are male home breakers and every right thinking man should be wary of them. If your friend is always complaining about your wife, it’s time to shine your eyes. He may be eyeing her or may have even asked her out and she refused. He then tries to plant seeds of distrust in your heart so that you both will continue fighting. Watch out for that friend who doesn’t see anything good in your wife. They might be scheming to break your home.

You should avoid friends that report your wife’s Facebook posts to you. What is their business with the things your wife posts on Facebook to begin with? Why are they monitoring your woman on social media? Some go as far as copying the posts and sending to their friends. I wonder what they want to achieve if you fight with your wife because of them.

Men who break homes are everywhere these days

Be wary of that friend who always complains about you doing house chores and cooking for your family whenever they visit you. Those ones who tell you that maybe your wife has given you vegetable soup to eat that makes you cook and clean for her are home breakers. They are not happy in their homes because they treat their wives like slaves and they want you to do the same. They want you to be as miserable as they are.

Be careful of that friend who always has negative things to say about your wife. They are home breakers. They are the ones who cause problems between happy couples with their negative words. They covet their friend’s wives and drive a wedge between the couple so that they can have the women to themselves.

If you are a wise man who desires to have a peaceful and happy marriage, set boundaries with your friends. Don’t allow them to come between you and your wife. Don’t allow them to destroy their marriage with their unsolicited words and advice. Don’t allow them take your wife from you while they are pretending to help you. Don’t say Kate didn’t warn you about male home breakers. You should avoid them for the sake of your marriage.




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