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Francis Van-Lare claims Amara Blessing Nwosu wants to kill him


Francis Van-Lare claims Amara Blessing Nwosu wants to kill him.

Francis revealed this in a recent Facebook post where he shared a message he got about Amara’s evil plans against him but he didn’t take it serious.

Read his post and comment below:

“She and her three kids beat me up and left me half dead on the floor. She tore her clothes and lied that I beat her up. Thank God my youngest daughter that dropped me off at home had not left yet and she called 911, I would have been a gonna.”

Francis Van-Lare claims Amara Blessing Nwosu wants to kill him

“I was sent this earlier but did not believe. She wants to set me up for domestic abuse so she can use that to remain in the USA . Her green card is temporary and she will definitely be deported with her kids. All this shows that she was lying about her ex husband that she was abused and she set the man up.”

“Her older son sucker punched me as soon as I entered the house from the garage I got up and started running to my room then Sour soup and the other son and second daughter accosted me and they started punching me everywhere and the older son kept hitting me at the back of head.

I managed to get to the casual living room windows and tried to open it to jump out of the window as I was thinking I will die. They prevented me but was able to bang furiously at the window because my last daughter was outside in her car waiting for me to give the okay signal for her leave. Thank God she had no headphones on.

Sour soup and kids thought I was banging to get neighbours attention until I started shouting my daughter’s name and she started coming towards the window and next thing Sour Soup and older son banged my head towards the window and I fell down but my daughter saw that and called 911.


The younger son then said my daughter is calling 911 then sour soup tore her clothes and scratched herself and then call 911 claiming I attacked her and her kids came to rescue her.

In all those my jersey shirt was torn and I was stripped. When the cops came they were trying to force me to dress up I refused and ran out in the cold half naked to the police and my daughter outside . If she was not there they probably would have killed me.

They are in the house though I left the house now because the way the eldest son was continuously hitting me at the back of head he wanted to damage my brain.

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  2. Olorikemmy says

    To me, I feel this man tried, bring a woman you met 2years ago, alongside her 4 kids to the US, but then again, he has been sleeping with her nah, grabbing her boob’s publicly etc. I feel the woman should work for her money /house though, he made those things without her and before she married him and they have no kid together so in my opinion, the lady shouldn’t demand for the house, and he should give her some money to get an apartment while she work to give herself a better life. Yes, he brought you in, doesn’t mean he has to continue to be responsible for you for the rest of his life. The man has 2kids too from previous marriage, does she want them thrown out of their dad’s property too? Let him give her money to rent an apartment.

  3. Nonnie says

    Always keep it drama free!
    Is that too much to ask from a partner?

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