What has Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy got to do with feminism?

What has feminism got to do with Linda Ikeji getting pregnant and sharing the good news with the world?

Linda Ikeji is pregnant.

How dare she get pregnant?

Do feminists have sex with men?

How come she’s pregnant?

Her baby is a bastard.

Let me adjust my bra fess.

Now, come closer all ye dumb, classless, unintelligent mistakes of creation.

Pull your ears and listen.

Mind your business.

What has feminism got to do with Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy

Face your life.

Linda is an adult.

She’s a millionaire.

She can feed your average generation for years.

Her pregnancy is not your business.

Go and unleash your frustrations on Buhari.

It appalling that women who have aborted pregnancies are forming moralists on top Linda’s pregnancy.

It’s gross hypocrisy that women who shag meruwa, meat sellers, drivers and neighbors are talking too.

Even women who move their pants to one side so that pastor can have easy access to oil their vagina’s during prayer sessions are talking too.

Women who have sex with their friends’ husbands because of recharge card and phones and latest wigs are whining too.

I laugh.

Men who have taken teenagers to commit abortions are also making noise like hungry goats.

Men who fuck their daughters like its going out of fashion are prancing everywhere like wounded donkeys because of what a grown woman did with her vagina.

Even men who woke up in their side chick’s vaginas are shouting all over social media like they are saints.

It is funny that men who harass single ladies with pictures of their wrinkled and tired penis on facebook are also making noise.

Is it your vagina?

Is it your sperm?

Is it your body?

Is it your ‘ime mkpuke? ‘

Tell me, how does her pregnancy affect your miserable lives and bleeding bank accounts?

And how did feminism get into this matter?

I don’t know how feminism got entangled with an adult female’s decision to get pregnant.

Feminism have suffered in Nigeria. It is blamed for almost everything including lack of good governance.

What has feminism got to do with Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy fellow Nigerians?


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  1. Anthony says:

    Well, what goes around comes around. Linda got a career in gossiping about the private life of others. So, if the table is turned around, especially now that it’s discovered that she doesn’t practice what she preaches (celibacy), there’s no big deal if she’s given a dose of her own pill 💊

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