10 sure ways to handle your toddler’s body odour

Do you know your toddler can actually have body odour? Toddlers and little children under the age of six can experience body odour when they sweat a lot especially under their armpit.

This doesn’t mean they are dirty or not washed properly it simply has to do with their sweat glands. As a mother, you need to help them overcome this health challenge by taking creative steps.

Don’t get defensive or upset at yourself, your child or anyone who points it out to you. Observe if what is being said is true and then start working on it if you notice it.

Here are 10 sure ways to handle your toddler’s body odour:

Children’s skins are sometimes very sensitive so please avoid rubbing raw lemon in the child’s armpits if your child has sensitive skin, dry skin, eczema or any other skin condition. Use slices of lemon in their water to bathe your child.

If you can’t use lemon in their water, use a drop of disinfectant in their bath water as this also kills bacteria and adds a nice scent to the bath water.

You can also use scented child friendly soaps to bathe them and gently scrub their armpits when bathing them. Use talcum powder under their armpits after baths/showers. If the talc powder isn’t working, look for alcohol free roll-on/deodorant to use under their armpits.

10 ways to handle your toddler body odour

Bathe your toddler twice a day in the morning and evening. Wear your child breathable cloths that allow air to circulate especially in warm temperatures.

Products containing baking soda, sage tea, diluted apple cider vinegar, or natural baby wipes, diluted essential oils, and natural deodorant crystals are safer to use for toddlers rather than the chemical deodorants.

Even before using natural substances like essential oils on your little one’s skin, be careful and ensure to test it on a small area on the leg or arm initially, to avoid infections.

If you can please don’t repeat clothes and teach your child how to take care of his or her armpits. Help your child understand that it’s natural to smell when sweaty and he or she shouldn’t feel ashamed when it’s pointed out to them.

If the odour is coming from your child’s vagina, then it means she either has an infection or she is not wiping properly after urinating so take your time to teach her how to do so.

When your daughter comes back from school, teach her how to use a damp clean flannel to wipe her vagina and to put on a clean pair of pants.

Most boys don’t shake their penis properly after urinating so they end up with a stench in their trousers. Teach your son to wipe his penis and scrotum with a damp flannel after school and change his boxers.

Don’t use any products inside your daughter’s vagina, it is self cleansing. You shouldn’t use vagina wash either on your daughter. Use simple water and if you want gently use gentle soap to wash outside the vagina.

If your daughter’s vagina still smells even after proper daily washing with water and mild soap on the outside of the vagina, see a doctor immediately.




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