What happens if a woman offers a man condom before sex?

What happens when a woman offers a man condom before sex? You meet a guy. He asks you out and you agree. After going out a few times, you start making out. Sex is in the offing and you both are fully charged. Clothes are off and both of you are ready to dig into each other but you suddenly ask him, where is your condom?

He tells you he doesn’t have one and it’s the truth. He tries to persuade you that he is clean and just had a HIV screening few days ago. He promised not to cum inside you if you are afraid of getting pregnant. And he also reveals that he doesn’t enjoy sex with condom.

But you insist on using a condom because you just met him. You get your handbag and get a condom. You hand him the condom but you suddenly realize that he’s looking lost and a little bit irritated that a woman carries condoms in her handbag.

He collects the condom but how he perceives you has changed. His high spirit sinks, his view of your decency hits low. Maybe he even tells you that only a wayward lady carries condom in her bag.

According to him, only a shameless slut offers an all charged up man a condom to wear. He claims she is no wife material and not suitable for keeps by any right thinking man. He starts questioning your morals because you gave him a condom before sex.

He prefers girls who fling their legs wide open for unprotected sex; the ones who are constantly on pills and have become serial abortionists.

What happens when a woman offers a man condom before sex

He would rather have sex with girls whose health status he doesn’t know, but will be willing to go all raw with them just because he told them he is clean and have negative HIV status. In his myopic mind, those are the good girls meant for keeps.

Such guys don’t even know how many men such ladies have heard such verbal testimonies from in the past and how many they have had unprotected sex with before them. Yet, they are the wife materials and the one they feel comfortable with.

Meanwhile, as a guy, you have had unprotected sex with several women in the past using those same exact lines with unverified HIV result and you have the nerve to call a girl who will not make an avoidable mistake names.

Men who perceive girls who provide them with condoms when they have none in moments they are not thinking straight as sluts are the most irresponsible and dangerous men to have anything to do with sexually.

These are men walking around with deadly sexual diseases looking for their next victim. Some of these men already have two, three or four baby mamas. Unfortunately, some of them are even married men with children from different side chicks.

When a lady insists you use a condom andĀ even goes ahead to provide one when you have none, she limits her chances of risking her life having abortions, taking pills to avoid unwanted pregnancies or any man denying he got her pregnant when he didn’t cum inside her.

A lady is playing safe when she insists and provides protection against contacting or even infecting you with sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, HPV virus, gonorrhea, and herpes.

Dear men, the fact that she gave you a condom when you had none except your unverified verbal HIV negative result and your withdrawal method against pregnancy which of course is also not safe sex, does not make her a whore.

To every man with a good head on their shoulders, such a girl is responsible and in full control of her life. She wants to have sex too like you do, and she chose to do it responsibly like a sensible adult. If she’s mature enough to have sex, then she’s mature enough to come armed with her own condom.

If you are insecure because she handed you a condom when you deliberately brought none, then you are the problem and not her. It is the inconvenient truth you don’t want to admit.

For a fact, single ladies should look at men who initiate sex without protection as irresponsible, sexual transmitted disease distributors and fathers of many children from different women.

You may be young, single, even married and reckless, but she’s not, she has got her whole life planned ahead of her and she’s doing something to sexually protect herself yet you think you have the right to call her unprintable names.

Who would you think highly of the one willing to have unprotected sex with a total stranger whose past she doesn’t know or the one who is not willing to take chances by coming armed with her own protection? You be the judge.

Ladies, give him a condom if he has none. Be responsible for your sex life and health. If you don’t protect yourself, who will? Guys, stop stereotyping ladies who offer you condoms before sex. They are sensible ladies.


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