The married men I pity

I pity married men who think that because they are men and heads, whatever that means that they can treat their wives anyhow. Just know that your life is your wife’s hands. Don’t forget that.

I pity men who use words to hurt their women. These ones use hurtful, abusive and soul breaking words to destroy the self esteem of their wives. One day, the seeds you are planting will germinate and I hope you will be ready to eat them.

I pity men who cheat on their wives without remorse. You know those ones who boldly tell the women that as long as they are taking care of them and their children, they shouldn’t complain about how many women they sleep with. I hope you know you are endangering that woman’s life and the last time I checked, slow poison still works.

I pity men who choose their family members over their wives. You allow your family members to insult your wife, talk to her anyhow and even beat her. What you don’t know is that you don’t have sense. Your family members are disrespecting you. They have no regards for you. Think.

I pity men who choose to hang out with friends all the time abandoning their wives at home in the cold. You never take your wife out. When you do, you don’t take her to places she loves. You impose your will on her. You tell her to stay home instead of sulking. Oga, you are teaching her to live without you. One day, you will need her but she won’t be available because she’s long gone even if she’s still living with you.

I pity men who do nothing but belittle their wife’s efforts to make the marriage work. I mean, you don’t do anything that will make your wife thank God for meeting and marrying you. You are just her husband on paper and you don’t meet her emotional needs. You are making her stronger alone. She won’t miss you if you are gone.

I pity men who just wear their clothes and leave the house without informing their wives of their movements. You think you are being a man by refusing to tell that woman where you are going. Just pray you don’t end up in the wrong place and with the wrong set of people because you will be long dead before anybody knows.

I pity men who make their brothers and uncles their next of kin because they don’t want their wives to remarry after they die and start enjoying their money with another man. You are not wise. In fact, you are dumb. Do you think your brothers or sisters or uncles will give your wife a penny to take care of your children if you suddenly drop dead? No. Your children will suffer. Think about this.

I pity men who have refused their wives to work, do business and make their own money. You are just being senseless and insecure. Have you thought that if anything happens to you, your job or your business, how will your family survive financially? Have you thought about that? No. You were obviously thinking about how other men will be eyeing your wife’s breasts and buttocks. Nonsense.


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