Kaylah Oniwo is tired of women who are not truthful about how they made their money

Media personality, Kaylah Oniwo wants women who people see as mentors and role models to be more sincere about their success stories.

Kaylah said that women need to be truthful about their hustle so that they do not confuse those looking up to them.

“Ladies, let’s be more sincere with ourselves next year. If you are sleeping around for money, own it. If you are working hard for your money own it. Just own whatever works for you and avoid misleading the young ones that look up to you. Nobody holy pass.

It’s just better that way. I know a lot of women who have done all sorts to make a living and I’m in no position to judge them. They don’t owe me any explanation either, but I respect that they have turned it into something positive and encouraged others to do same.

Kaylah Oniwo

Without being dishonest, some people out here are just looking for inspiration, why show them the opposite of what the actual case is? In my opinion, you aren’t empowering them, instead you are confusing them & they wonder why it’s harder than it looks.

By gifting them with earnings from your ‘hard work’ knowing the high poverty mentality, you aren’t being sincere and they in turn wonder why nothing is really working for them. I just want real women with real stories in 2019. I’m tired of the lies.”

In the same veing, Kaylah Oniwo always tells the young people around her that the desire to be instantly successful is wrong. Having worked with a lot of them, Kaylah makes it a point of duty to change their perception about making money.

Unfortunately, social media is not helping matters.  People post many lovely photographs online depicting a rosy lifestyle, but things are not that easy. The truth of the matter is that there is time for everything.  

Young people must always realize that their destiny is different. While one person can become rich overnight or achieve overnight success, there are so many others who work so hard, yet they are not so recognized.

Kaylah usually advises young people to stay on their lane, and be themselves. She tells them there is work to be done. No one just wakes up and say they are going to be great. They have to work and pray not pray and work. The truth of the matter is that nothing good comes easy.


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