God dislikes lazy people says Ronke Enoabasi

Fashion entrepreneur, Ronke Enoabasi says that God dislikes lazy people. She said: “I notice that as an individual When I pray more than I work I don’t see results, but when I ask God for wisdom, and calmly seek knowledge about a certain project and critically analyze and put in my all when it comes to working , then backed up with even little prayers I usually receive a 100 percent turnaround.

One thing I realize is, God dislikes lazy people and he doesn’t bless a job if you constantly seek the easy way out. He is a fan of diligence and he is such a perfectionist, ignorance isn’t an excuse for him either and he blesses genuine intentions. And when we pray about some certain things and it still goes wrong, I see that he allows some mistakes so we can gain experience and do better, that is why we are living to learn too.

God hates lazy people says Ronke Enoabasi

Prayer is good. It’s life for me but smart and hard work is key, this year not everything God, GOD GOD. Let’s do our home work. A lot of us are running business we don’t even know so much about, yet pride is hindering us from seeking knowledge. A lot of us have big dreams but we put out only minimal efforts to make sure it’s achieved.

A lot of us are even earning well but we are even spending more than we are earning and we are screaming we want breakthrough, smh. Only 1 percent of us practice diligence and discipline. I’m not even among the 1 percent, so I’m on this same table. The rest of us are just noise makers, table shakers like me screaming “ABLE GOD” everyday. Chai! God name don suffer.

If we don’t wake up and CHANGE our approach, we will still make the same NOISE year after year. In the end we can keep deceiving the public but we can’t deceive ourselves. Today if you get to read this, let’s check ourselves and pay attention to what’s more important. If you must seek knowledge, please do, if you must double your hard work and block potholes, do so. And if its discipline you need, take it one day at a time and do it too. May God help us all this year seize noise let you work do the talking. Focus.”

This is timely.


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  1. Ebube says:

    True, I can relate to what she’s saying

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