10 ways to know a man is not interested in you

When a man is not interested in you, don’t waste your time hoping he would come around. Many times, ladies  waste valuable time running after men who don’t want to be with them.

These ladies erroneously believe that they can change the hearts of these guys who are clearly not interested in dating them. Some of them cook away their destinies hoping for these uninterested guys to come around.

Others start scheming for these guys to notice them. They start trying to buy the love and attention of these guys with gifts and sex. I wonder why these ladies start crying all over the place when these guys later go for the women they want to be with.

This society has placed undue pressure on women to get married. This society makes it look as if a woman has not achieved anything when she’s not married. A successful woman is often told that she’s nobody until she becomes a wife. Nobody cares to ask these ladies if they actually want to get married.

Ladies, if you thought being single is bad, think again. Sometimes meeting a guy you really like but who keeps blowing you off is really worse than being single. You may be dating a guy now and you feel he’s special to you but are you sure you are special to him as he is to you?

Do you have this nagging feeling that despite everything going great, there’s just something off with your relationship? Do you feel like you are the one pushing for the relationship to continue? Are you giving 100 percent in the relationship while he’s just dragging his feet?

Don’t ignore your intuition, your mind must have read signs that you haven’t yet been able to comprehend. And those signs tell you that he’s not really into you. If a man is not interested in you, leave him alone.

You may try to convince yourself that he would grow to love you because that is what some Nollywood movies tell ladies, but what if he doesn’t? What will you do after wasting months or years with him?

If a man is not interested in you, no matter how much you like him, let him go. No woman should be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t want her deep down. It’s a waste of time and emotions. Ladies should stop investing emotions on unwilling men. You should know what to look out for if you are not sure whether that guy is interested in you.

How to know a man is not interested in you

*He’s always busy

If a man is always busy, it’s a way of telling you that you are not important to him. It is true that everybody is busy but no one is busy all day especially if it’s a guy in a relationship with a woman he loves. If he cannot spend time with his woman, exactly what type of a relationship are you even in? The only reason he’s not giving you his time is because he doesn’t believe you are worth his time.

*He says things are moving too fast

When a man says things are moving too quickly, take a step back and evaluate your relationship with him even if you have been dating for months. You shouldn’t fall for that lie. You know you have been the best girlfriend, so what is the problem? He’s the one who’s too much of a baby to be a part of a grown up relationship.

*He tells you he still loves his ex

If he tells you he still loves his ex, he’s indirectly telling you that you have no place in his life. It is painful when a man tells you that he still has feelings for his ex. This is the kind of excuses some guys give when they are not interested in a woman. And even if he is telling the truth, what’s the point of being with someone who clearly still has feelings for his ex?

*He doesn’t want something serious

He doesn’t want something serious. Now the average woman will justify this statement by telling herself, “If he likes me, commitment is just a matter of time. I’ll just have to be patient.” But he’s really telling you he doesn’t want to be in a serious relationship with you. If he likes you but doesn’t want to commit, he should just walk away. He shouldn’t continue to enjoy the benefits of being in a serious relationship if he’s not sure.

How to know a man is not interested in you

*His career or business is top priority

When he keeps saying his career or business is his top priority, it is loosely translated as you aren’t even in his list of top 10 priorities. If he likes you, he will take time out for you and make you his priority. If not, then he will treat you as nobody and make all kinds of excuses guys make when not interested in a woman.

*He says no marriage before 30

If he says there’s no marriage before 30, he is not interested in you. You can overlook this sign and tell yourself that once he starts loving you, everything will be fine. And you think you get to be the special girl who brings about this change in his life. Wake up girl! Irrespective of when he wants to get married, you cannot do anything if he doesn’t want to commit to you for life. Get that into your head. You cannot force a man to love you. If he doesn’t feel that way, that is what it is. Deal with it and move on.

*He just left a bad relationship

While it is true that men get dumped by women but some men use the excuse of just being out of a bad relationship to push away ladies they don’t want to be with. Moreover, you feel the need to show him that good girls do exist, which means you will go out of your way to please him, with him doing little or nothing.

*He just wants an open relationship

When the guy you are falling for tells you that he just wants sex or an open relationship, run in the opposite direction if you want a serious relationship. There’s no point forcing yourself to be in a relationship with a man who is not on the same page with you.

*He tells you he needs space

When a guy is not interested in you, he will tell you that he needs space. Maybe his reason stems out of genuine fear. If so, sit down and talk things out with him. But even after talking with him you see that he’s not going to budge, then dump him. You need a man who truly loves you.

*He travels all the time

If your man travels a lot and these trips occur suspiciously during times when you ask him to hang out at family or other important social events. And if he really is so busy traveling, he should at least ask you out on one of his trips. He should offer you a chance of being with him. He should also keep in touch with you on his many trips if you truly mean anything to him.

There you have it, ladies. Stop wasting time with men who are not interested in you. Let go of that one-sided relationship because you deserve a man who will love you and value your presence in his life.


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