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Office Romance: Yay or Nay?


Office romance happens everyday. Men and women fall in love with co-workers. Others lust after their colleagues until it graduates to a full blown affair.

But is office romance right or wrong? Why do some companies kick against their staff dating and marrying one another?

Well sought the opinion of five women on office romance and whether they would get romantically involved with their colleagues.

Office romance

32 year old Stella says that office romance is no big deal. She stated that if not for the policy of the company where she works, she won’t think twice about dating.

“I have been eyeing one of the IT guys in my office and would give anything to date him. He’s my spec. He’s handsome, tall and intelligent. But I won’t try it otherwise I will get fired.”

35 year old Nnenna who loves adventures once dated her married boss for over a year. Even though the organization where they worked had no clear rules about dating one another, Nnenna says she won’t try it again.

“I was ashamed of myself when he broke up with me. I couldn’t face my colleagues anymore. They were laughing at me to my face. I didn’t want him to leave his wife for me. I was sad because I wanted to be the one to break up with him. It was hard but I am okay now.”

For 22 year old Adeola, office romance is one of the sweetest things a woman can enjoy in her life time. She said that the sparks, buttocks grabbing and quick sex makes it very interesting.


“I once dated a guy at work. It was explosive. The eye contacts, silly body brushes and quick sex makes it more exciting. We got married after a year but I had to resign because I didn’t want him to start having troubles at work because of me.”

But 30 year old Florence doesn’t want to remember one of the most shameful moments of her life. She once dated her boss and one day, she was caught pants down by her colleague.

” I felt like disappearing when my colleague caught my boss and I having sex on his office table. After that day, I told myself that I won’t try it again.”

28-year-old Lilian doesn’t see anything wrong with dating a colleague but she won’t do that for dignity’s sake.

According to her, office romance has it’s advantages and disadvantages but ladies need to be wary of colleagues who just want to have sex with them and discard them like trash.

So ladies, would you engage in office romance or not? Share your views below.




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  2. Helen Udunze says

    According to Lilian, office romance has advantage and disadvantages, most men just want to have sex and discard you, I won’t do it for dignity sake.

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