One important lesson life has taught me

Life has taught me that no condition is permanent and not all relationships can stand the test of time.

No matter what happens, things have a way of falling into place if you know that they are subject to change at any time.

In life, you have to possess a positive attitude to scale through the different seasons in your life no matter how hard and long they are.

This is why I don’t completely give up on people even if they have hurt me. I still leave room for reconciliation.

This is why you won’t hear me bashing anyone here even if we have a falling out. That’s not my style.

This is why you won’t see me fighting against anyone even if they deserve it. But if you come for me, I will fight you to finish.

This is why I don’t buy fights even if the offender is in my bad books. Expending energy on such things drain me. So, I pass quietly.

Important lesson life taught me

I don’t like drama. I don’t do drama. I move on quickly. I drop relationships that steal my peace without noise.

Life has taught me that people change for good or for bad but they change. This is why I have mastered the art of moving on.

Your best friend today can be your worst enemy tomorrow. Can you even call anyone your best friend these days?

That person you think is your worst enemy might be your best friend and saviour tomorrow. I know this.

If someone offends you and you know you are finding it hard to forgive them, stay away from them if that will make you feel better.

But don’t go around town talking bad things about them. Don’t be a part of any mob action against them.

Don’t gather people together and set up a group chat just to shred this person to pieces. That doesn’t make sense.

Move on. Friendship is not by force. Relationships shouldn’t be forced ventures. You must not vibe with everyone.

Life is not that hard. Stop complicating things for yourself. You just don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

It’s okay to have a misunderstanding with someone. It’s okay to fight with your friend. It’s okay to feel bad when someone hurts you.

But it’s not okay to hold on to that pain. You are hurting yourself. Let it go. Take it as one of life’s lessons.

Life is short. We know this. Let’s live well. Remember, no condition is permanent and nothing lasts forever. So, live free!


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