Woman find your happiness

Woman, find your happiness.

Find a good man and have great sex. Orgasm. Drink red wine. Belch. Ditch the routine and head to the cinema on a Wednesday morning all by yourself lounging in a 200-seat theatre, watching La La Land. Mime the soundtrack.

Travel. Find your vulnerability 4,000 ft above sea level. Read magazines and books. Find a muse. Ask questions. Tuck religion away from your peace. Change your hairstyle. Buy yourself a gift. Treat yourself to 4star hotel buffet. Fart. Spend the night at a hotel. Snore. Visit the spa. Strip. Laugh and dance. Wink.

Save a few friendships. Watch the rest trip and fall. Learn to let people go. Let a few in. Close the doors. Buy lingerie. Buy a nice perfume. By a nice cologne for your man.

Woman find your happiness

Love silence. Let your personal space give you peace.

Flirt. Take your pestle and sing your favourite song. Smile. Cry. Exhale.

Never mind what people have to say. Don’t judge. Don’t give a fuck. Don’t think to a point of unhappiness. Let people’s flaws happen. Let your flaws happen.

Learn how to make your best foreign dish. Walk on the beach. Let your skin breathe.

Carve your eyebrow to perfection. Get your foundation shade right. Apply lip gloss.

Bottomline, live without any apologies. If you don’t, you’ll spend the rest of your years demanding apology from everyone for their less than perfect association with you.

Nobody owes you happiness- not your children, not a lover, not a job.

It’s your responsibility to live a life bubbly with joy and awesomeness.

Shut the noise out. Delete pessimism and antagonism.

You are awesome if you believe it.

You must find a good place.

It is not the job of anyone to take you there.

Be. Happy.

Find your happiness.

Your happiness is yours.

Enjoy your happiness.

Written by Joy Isi Bewaji


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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