Cliques will kill you

People don’t understand how much I despise cliques.

I dissolved a threatre group I started that had gulped over N2m of my money in production because I got a whiff of cliquing in my space.

Just a whiff.

One side eye here. One raised mouth there.

That was it oh!

I shut it down.

Theatre group over!

I carried my money to Ibadan to start Nzuri.


This is how I see it…

If you want to be in a clique, then you don’t deserve me.

Name one woman who succeeded by cliquing.

Just one.

Please don’t mention all your WCWs on Facebook who can barely run a shop. People with more fluff than substance.

Don’t make me laugh.

Cliques will kill you

It is not by how many people are cheering you on.

It is not by likes. It is not by comments.

It is not by opening comment page for every niccur to have access to comment on your wall.

Zero class binshes.

Show me receipts.

Even whilst we are resting, we make more impact than you in your best work mode.

Cliques will kill you. Period.

They may cheer you. The cheering might make you think you’z the ish. But they will eventually destroy you.

Clique is an oath to mediocrity.

Any sane person should have nothing to do with anybody sworn to mediocrity.

Even the intelligent women… watch what happens to them when they begin dancing to the tune of a few others.

Watch how pitiful they become, losing the very essence that made you love them.

Becoming a slice of a heavier loaf of shit.

I will not even engage a woman with more than two close friends.

There’s something ugly about a bunch of women who come together to fight ONE woman.

There’s a word for it.

It is called LOSERS.


This is so me. I hate cliques with a passion. I love being my own person, in my own space doing my own thing.

Cliques make you lose your uniqueness and individuality because you will be trying so hard to fit into the box other people created for you.

You lose your true self when you do cliques. But because Nigerian women have been conditioned to believe they have to fit in to be accepted, if you are not part of their cliques, they call you proud and arrogant.

But who cares? I don’t care about cliques. I do my own thing. I have my own back. I am my own woman. I am my own best friend. Cliques mean nothing to me.


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