Parents, do you apologize to your children when you hurt them?

Dear parents, do you apologize to your children when you hurt them? Do you tell them sorry in clear terms and promise not to hurt them again or you just wave it aside and buy them gifts as a substitute?

I was listening to a woman talk recently and she was reprimanding another woman for apologizing to her child when she used bad words on her.

This other felt that doing that was demeaning. She told the mother who apologized to her child that she didn’t need to go to that length to say sorry.

She reminded this woman that our parents didn’t apologize to us but we turned out fine. I shook my head in anger and disbelief. Is it not silly to raise our children the way our parents raised us?

Why parents should apologize to their children

Many of us didn’t turn out fine. We dealt with a lot of issues because of the way our parents raised and treated us.

Many of us suffered from low self esteem and insecurities because our parents used bad words on us. They verbally abused us for years.

Many of our parents beat us like animals instead of modeling good behaviour for us and teaching us the right way to do things. It is sad that some people think that was the best way to raise children.

If you don’t apologize to your children when you hurt them verbally and physically, why should you complain later when they become self conceited and proud to even apologize to you when they wrong you?

It is sad that some parents think it’s not right to apologize to their children when they offend them. No wonder these creatures raise damaged children.

If you feel too big to apologize to your children when you hurt them verbally and emotionally, how do you expect them to do the same? What kind of behaviour do you want them to emulate from you?

I don’t understand this line of thought. Does it mean that parents are always right? Does it mean that parents are perfect and can’t hurt their children?

Children are humans too. They hurt. They feel bad. They need to be treated right. So, if you hurt or offend your children, don’t hesitate to apologize. You are teaching them by example how to be good adults.

Here are 5 things you teach your children when you apologize to them:

*You teach them that you are human and not perfect.

*You instill in them the desire to do the same thing when they do wrong.

*You teach them by example and not by word of mouth only.

*You are modeling good behaviour for your children.

*You show them that you love and respect them too even if they are children.



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  1. It’s really good to live by example

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    very true

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