10 reasons some people may not like you and what you should do

Know that some people may not like you in life.

Some people will not appreciate your good heart.

Some people will not like you for being real and kind.

Some people will not understand your expressive nature.

Some people will loathe your honest and blunt stance on issues.

Some people will dislike you for being blessed and favoured.

Some people will hate you for enjoying good relationships with others.

Some people will not like you for standing up for what you believe in.

Some people will not like you for being intelligent, tenacious and creative.

Some people will not like you for the way you laugh, talk, dress and enjoy life.

Some people will hate how well you deal with life issues and challenges.

Why some people may not like you

Know these things. Don’t throw yourself at your enemies because they smile at you.

Some people will accept your kindness and still disrespect you in return.

Some people will benefit from your large heart and still talk bad about you.

Some people will reap from your good nature and still wish you evil.

Don’t let these people make you bitter and cold.  You don’t have to stoop to their level.

All you have to do is protect yourself from these negative people.

Keep them far from you so that they don’t poison you with their bile.

Don’t keep such low key haters in your circle, they will spread their poison within your circle.

They look for ways to spoil other people’s meaningful relationships with gossip and lies.

Love them from a distance if need be but protect yourself from toxicity.

I knew someone who didn’t like that her supposed friend enjoys goodwill from others.

She disliked her friend for years because of the gifts and connections she got from the people around her.

This vile creature looked for ways to hinder her friend from her good life and started spreading tales of her being a lesbian.

She told different people the same thing until her friend heard about it and confronted her. She denied it but there was proof of her lies.

That was the end of that friendship. You don’t need to keep such people around you. Shut them out so that their hatred will eat them up from the inside.

If you know that someone doesn’t like you, stay away from them. Don’t force yourself to be in a relationship with them. That’s a suicide mission.


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