5 things family members of rape victims should stop doing

There are some things family members of rape victims should stop doing. Sometimes, they make it hard for rape victims to talk about what happened them.

At other times, they make it almost impossible for these victims to seek justice so that the justice system can punish these rapists accordingly.

Here are some things family members of rape victims should stop doing:

1. Family members of rape victims should stop this annoying habit of shutting them up when they report these cases to them.

2. Mothers and fathers of rape victims should stop blaming their children for getting raped and sexually assaulted. Direct your anger to the rapists and get justice for your children.

3. Family members of rape victims should stop collecting money from the people who raped their children. You are hurting your children more by allowing their attacker go scot free.

5 things family members of rape victims should stop doing

4. They should stop pointing fingers at indecent dressing and sexual provocation as the causes of rape. Rapists rape because they want to feel powerful.

The people who should be shamed are the animals who rape women, boys and girls. These people don’t deserve mercy or protection from any quarters.

5. They should stop listening to religious leaders who are fond of preaching forgive and forget to rape victims. Rape is a crime. It is not a spiritual issue. It is a crime that should be reported and the perpetrator should be jailed.

If you follow anybody to go and beg so that a victim would drop the case of a rapist, you need your head examined. You should be a victim yourself so that you know how it feels.

If you claim a rapist a respectable member of the society who shouldn’t be shamed, you are part of the problem in this country. A respectable person doesn’t rape women and children. They protect them.

What was the respectable person thinking when their penis forcefully entered an unwilling vagina? Why did they forget their positions when they were hammering away on their victim’s bodies?

Don’t say it is their problem. It is our problem. These rapists don’t appear like rapists. They are around us dressed decently waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Protect your loved ones from these animals. Name and shame rapists. Don’t protect them. Don’t beg for them. Don’t threaten victims to drop charges against them.

Don’t look away because it happened to your neighbour’s child, they might come for your child next. Protect every child from these predators.


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