Evil thrives in Nigeria because there’s no true repentance

The average Nigerian never really worships God in truth. Most times, they just suspend their sinful ways to resume after they are done with fasting and prayers.

People pray for forgiveness of sin with no intention to stop committing the same sin. Even when they pray for grace to quit, it’s not genuine.

I wonder how men and women who fornicate or commit adultery announce to their bed mates that they need some time off to seek God’s face for something important.

They take permission to take a break from their sin for a few days or months, just to resume fully once they are done with their personal spiritual exercise.

You hear people say “You should thank your stars I’m seeking the face of God for something, I would have shown you my true color”.

Some will dare you to come back for a fight a day or minutes after their prayers or fast has ended. Some will ignore your rants on their way to their place of worship, to come back for a good fight when they are done.

You are not evil enough to stop them from going to their places of worship, but they can’t wait to return and show you how the devil behaves.

Every Fridays, Sundays and also a particular hour of some days of the week, we set aside our evil ways for a few hours, freshen up, dress up nicely, go to worship God, raise up holy hands with no intention for genuine repentance. We engage in these spiritual exercises and return to our evil ways in a bit.

The armed robber or kidnapper takes time off to thank God for protecting him while he steals and asks for His continuous protection. He even sows seeds; pays tithe and give alms with the proceeds from his many crimes just to bribe God.

Politicians go to different places of worship to thank God for helping them rig elections successfully and even wage war against the electorates, imposing themselves through any means possible.

They get into power with no agenda other than to loot, create division and borrow such that the unborn generations are already in debt with no tangible projects to show for funds borrowed.

Medical practitioners in public hospitals who own private hospitals thank God for more money they make through some frustrating behaviors they put up in government hospitals so people resort to paying through their noses patronizing their private clinics for better services.

Manufacturers of killer fake products go on thanks giving fully armed with tithe and offerings because the Lord is good to their business. Human lives don’t matter anymore. We can all die for all they care. They are only interested in making money.

Fraudsters who live off other people’s sweat show up with hands raised high in thanksgiving, God is indeed faithful. Thank Him for the maga who paid, forgive us oh Lord, they pray.

They believe God to bless their hustle and deliver a better maga next time, while he continues to protect them while at it

Pedophiles, rapists, child traffickers, child molesters dishing out all manner of wickedness on children in their care are all in the house of God to thank him for not letting them get caught or sent to jail when caught.

They even sow seeds to their clergies when caught, while bribing their way to securing favourable judgment. They pay men of God heavily to stand in prayers for them and can’t wait to testify of how God delivered them from going to jail.

The law enforcement agents are for the highest bidder. Business men and women engage in sharp practices to make more profits. Pastors and Imams feed on members’ gullibility. Our justice system is no longer our last resort. Need I say more?

Our foundation as a people is the reason behind all the abnormal behaviour. It is a foundation built on lies, oppression, injustice, inequality, repression, ungodliness and wickedness.

We have a system that doesn’t encourage or reward virtue, hard work, honesty etc. hence the love of religion and evil running concurrently in our society. We are so religious, yet ungodly.

We must change our ways and approach in order to make progress both as individuals and as a people. God will not change us or our country. He has given us the power to do things here on earth. Compliments of the season!


I am a woman who is passionate about empowering other women to live their best lives and be free from unhealthy societal expectations. I'm a journalist and a columnist with a reputable media house. I educate, inspire and encourage women to embrace their uniqueness fully. I am a mother to an intelligent girl. I love perfumes.

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