10 things every woman should know about life

There are some things Nigerian women must know about life, enjoying life and facing life’s challenges.

Life is not all rosy. It’s not one long, smooth road. There are bumps and detours and these obstacles sometimes make women question themselves.

Here are 10 things Nigerian women must know about life:

1. Every single day is different. Some days, you wake up and feel strong to face the world. You feel like you can handle anything and you are unstoppable.

2. Other days, you feel so defeated that you just don’t want to leave your bed or face the world. You feel so fragile and you want to get away from your reality.

3. Life is not devoid of challenges. It’s not all rosy. It’s not all laughter, cheers and joy. Life is a rollercoaster sometimes. Life consists of both good and bad days. Life is not a smooth road.

10 things Nigerian women must know about life

4. No matter the challenges you face in life, learn to love and support yourself. Learn to encourage yourself. Learn to speak positive words to yourself even when things are not going well. Learn to lift yourself.

5. You have to accept that life has ups and downs but you have everything it takes to make your life a masterpiece. Even if you are down, believe you are not out. Stay positive through pain because at the end of the day, life is beautiful.

6. You must understand that it is not everyone who started with you will finish with you. Some people are only in your life for a sprint and not the marathon.

7. Don’t feel bad when people you love and trust abandon you when it matters most. Your life’s journey is a marathon. It’s not everyone who has the resilience to go through it with you.

8. When someone tries to remind you of a failed relationship, a business deal gone bad or a betrayal that almost ripped your soul apart, tell them those people were not built for your marathon. Move on.

9. It’s not everyone who smiles at you, supports you and tells you the right things loves you. Some people are very deceptive. They pretend to support you but they secretly loathe you and pray for you to fail. Be discerning.

10. Not every door is an open door. Some are traps, be careful. You don’t drink from every cup handed over to you, that’s how people get poisoned. Listen to your instincts. No matter how good something or someone appears, if your instincts say otherwise, let that person and the opportunity go.

If you are troubled in your spirit about a step you want to take, don’t go ahead with it. Learn to listen to your inner voice because it’s your invisible guide through life and its many deep secrets.

Above all, enjoy your life. Live in the moment. Don’t dwell in your past. Don’t worry too much about the future. I know it’s not easy to do this but try. Live for now. Enjoy where you are now while you hope for a better future. Live well. Live free.


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