Why women should give birth to the number of children they can cater for

Right now, it is important that Nigerian women give birth to the number of children they can comfortably cater for.

This is avoid them sending off their children to relatives who will maltreat them under the guise of raising them. There have been too many stories of relatives treating the children under their care like animals.

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“Dear Nigerian women, please give birth to the number of children you can comfortably care for whether rich or poor.

Stop giving the excuse that things were good but later became bad because you and I know that no condition is permanent especially in a very unstable country as Nigeria.

Knowing that women are usually at the receiving end, please birth the number of children you can care for whether your husband is alive or dead.

Being a widow is not an excuse to distribute your children to relatives, so think about this before going into marriage and before birthing multiple children.

Why Nigerian should give birth to children they can cater for

A whole lot of you if sincere to yourselves will testify that even before becoming a widow you were bearing the burden alone, so the man not being around doesn’t make any difference.

Yes you are a widow today but even as a married woman some of you were not better than widows, some of the husbands some women married are better off ***. Let me not say it.

Before you come here to wits my post, if a woman have one, two or three children at most, it’s easier to get help her than when she has 4-9 children. Where are you going to start from?

I watch videos here of women who need help, most of them live in the most deplorable conditions, some live in a swamp with many children, some as young as few months old.

Some of these women still have husbands who go to impregnate them in these places but you’ll never see those men in these videos, then you ask yourself why?

Tomorrow when the man finally disappears or die, this woman will start distributing the children because she’s now a single mum or widow, as if there’s a difference between now and when the man was in her life.


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