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Ladies who fight to keep men are not wise


Women who fight to keep men are not wise. It makes no sense to also fight other women to leave your man alone. That’s his job and not yours. If your man keeps putting you in a position where you have to fight other women, you need a better man. He doesn’t love you. He just playing games with your feelings and destroying your self esteem.

Ladies, fighting for a man’s love and attention is wrong. It shows you have underlying insecurities and low self esteem. You can’t force someone to love and show you affection if they don’t feel the same way.

Forget all the lies society tells you that if you love him, you will fight for him. You shouldn’t be fighting alone. If he’s also fighting to keep you, then it is a healthy situation. But when you are the only one fighting, you will look foolish and desperate.

I don’t believe you have to fight to keep a man. Some women believe you should, even if that means degrading yourself or settling with someone who has no respect for you and your feelings. That’s settling for heartaches in the future.

Fighting for a man to stay with you is never worth the effort put into it. In the end, he will leave you for the woman he truly wants, so why are you wasting your time holding to dead weight just because you want to claim to have a man you are in a relationship with?

Putting up with all the hurt, humiliation and stress that come from being in a relationship with him who doesn’t want you as much as you want him is emotionally draining. He doesn’t have the right to take away your dignity and turn you into a jealous crazed maniac, but you do have the right to move on.

As a woman, it is your right to refuse to be disrespected. It is your right to move on and know that you deserve better than fighting to keep someone who doesn’t want to be kept. He is not the only man on earth. There are many fishes in the sea. Stop hurting yourself holding on to an unwilling man.


One of the reasons you shouldn’t fight to keep a man by your side is that he won’t respect you. He will keep chasing other women and giving you the unhealthy task of fighting them on his behalf.

It’s not your duty to fight other women to leave him alone, that’s his duty to you as your man. Don’t forget that. You shouldn’t be making excuses for his irresponsibility. He is not a baby. He is an adult who knows good and bad.

So, save your strength for productive things instead of snooping around his phones to track his latest catch that you will go and fight. You can’t force someone to love you. You don’t have to stay in a relationship with someone who doesn’t freely love you. You are limiting yourself to a person who is not in love with you and you are wasting valuable time too.

Ladies, fighting to keep a man makes you look needy. If he broke up with you, move on with your life. there’s no point guilt tripping him to stay with you. Both of you will be miserable.

When you are in a relationship where you feel that you have to constantly fight for your man’s love, fight for his attention, and fight other women to leave him alone, you are not in a healthy relationship. You are in a personal hell that only you can break free of. Let go of that man if you are miserable, knowing full well that your soul mate is out there. You can find him if you stay true to yourself and do away with desperation.

Ladies, stop breaking your own hearts. Fighting for someone’s heart or faithfulness is a battle you will never win. In your journey through life, you need to find a man with the same relationship values as yourself.

Fighting to keep a man in your life is senseless. It is not worth it. You deserve so much more. If a man is not matching your own efforts in making your relationship work, leave him alone. There are many men out there who would love you and treat you right. Ladies, stop with the desperation to have a man at all costs.

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  2. Lizzy says

    I strongly agree with u. I also advocate for women freedom in this part of the world. Women indeed need to awake from cultural bondage.

    1. Kate says

      The cultural bondage needs to be broken. A woman should live her life her own way and on her own terms

  3. Jijah says

    I wish all women would grasp the entire essence of this message. It is so profound. Thank you, Kate for always putting the truth out there. May you never grow weary.

    1. Kate says

      Thank you sis. I hope they learn to respect themselves and stop fighting over men.

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