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Joy Isi Bewaji threatens to sue Hymar David Idibie because of his Facebook posts


Facebook influencer, Joy Isi Bewaji has threatened to sue Hymar David Idibie because she wants to test the court system in Nigeria.

Joy Isi Bewaji wrote:



You are getting too excited, homie.


We just dey start.

It’s going to be a long year + 2022.


I say whaaaaat?


We just dey start.

Nor be by trolling o.

I say I wan’ test court system.

Shebi na my money?

Shebi I nor get case?

No wahala nah.

I say I wan’ make this our mutual online háte graduate to court.

Let us wáste our time smoh.

Your shalaye is suspect.

Are you áfraid?

Tsk tsk.


Why are you foaming over 10+ posts?

100 posts nor mean say you win o.

This method is stale.

We are getting old.

Let us go to court and do it the mashured way.

Haba! You still never know how we dey do this thing?

Na becos woman nor give you WILL chop, you don turn vulturé, eating any carcass wey you see online. Relax. I dey come.

But fess, I get brand new hotel and restaurant wey one correct woman dash me N30m to set up. I want to go and make money fess.

Then I will serve you paperzzzzz. Can you be a patriárchal king and send me a cóntact address?

It’s sad that you keep trying.

You won in 2017. You for retire.

Your háte was bigger than mine then.

But you no too get sénse, so you continued… until you have lost every shred of respect online.

You are still doing the workings of a tód.d.ler.

This is the last post I will say on the matter. Make I go make money.

Money… you know what that is, abi?



How do they say it again…

*stands up straight… shoulder blade sharp… chin up*.”

Hymar David Idibie responded by posting funny pictures of lawyers and making fun of Joy. He called her a coward who couldn’t do anything to him when she saw him in Abeokuta one time.


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