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Living with a man for donkey years doesn’t make him your husband


Ladies, living with a man for many years doesn’t make him your husband. If you like have 10 children with a man and live with him for a million years, it does not make him your husband.

The only thing that makes a man your husband is a proper marriage ceremony and vows to be faithful to each other.

If what you want from a man is marriage, make sure you agree on this and get married before you start having children.

But if you think that having 10 children with a man or woman guarantees you marriage, then you are deceiving yourself.

That’s why I laugh at both men and women who think that getting a woman pregnant or getting impregnated by a man would guarantee them marriage. They are only setting themselves up for failure.

Ladies, go into a relationship with a clear head. Don’t be carried away by lust, sex and money. Don’t allow your emotions make you live with a man who has not properly married you.

Don’t make such a mistake in this generation. You will regret it. Living with a man without marriage is not advisable.


Don’t go crying later that someone snatched your husband when in reality you are not married to them.

If you want the mother or father of your children to be your wife or husband, the safest thing to do is to get married before you start having children.

But if for any reason you have children with a person before marriage, always have it at the back of your mind that procreation is not a sort of guaranteed express entry into a marriage.

The person can still go ahead and marry another person. The fact that you both have been living together for decades without marriage doesn’t make them your spouse.

Ladies should just stop complicating their lives.

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  2. Butterfly says

    These are wives married on credit.

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