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Women who gossip are worse than thieves, they are deadly like vipers


Many of us know those neighbourhood gossips who never minds their business.

They are always busy running around trying to find out anything about everybody just to twist the stories to their advantage.

Many of them don’t know how much their actions are hurting other people. All they are interested in is spreading stories.

Gossips in action

Gossips just want to tell tales of things they hear and the ones they didn’t hear. They embellish stories so much that the person at the centre of this story won’t believe what is being said about them.

Gossips are worse than thieves. They steal other people’s credibility, name, honour and reputation without care.

They hurt other people with their tales and lies. Such people don’t have friends because they gossip about anybody and everybody.

They are insecure. They project their lack of self esteem when they devote their time to talk about other people’s lives.

Those who gossip are not happy people. Someone who is happy with their lives won’t expend energy on other people’s lives.


They don’t have plans for their lives. People who have laid out plans for their future don’t live making other people’s lives their business.

They spend so much time talking about other people that they forget to focus on their own lives. Their lives suffer in the process.

Gossips are deadly individuals. They cannot be trusted. They smile at you yet they are spreading stories to tarnish your image round about town.

Gossips are liars. They are so consumed about telling their stories that they end up lying just to entertain their audience.

These people envy others because they cannot have their lives. They resort to gossip to stop these successful people.

Gossips are devoted to other people’s business like they are being paid for it and they don’t bother about the harm they are causing others.




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  2. Ebube says

    I strongly agree. If people gossip about you, it means you’re better then them and you’re doing something right. So either way, you’re still the center of attention and they’re not.

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