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Woman, don’t allow dream killers silence your quest for success


Dear woman, if you want to live a fulfilled life, don’t live your life seeking for other people’s approval.

Don’t be interested in their opinions of how you should live your life and what you shouldn’t do. It’s your life, do what’s best for you. Their approval is not needed.

Don’t listen to their ‘slow down a bit you are a woman’ advice. You don’t need it. You don’t have to accommodate such at all. What does that even mean?

Don’t live your life to please others and for them to like you. It’s not everybody that likes you or likes seeing your face or likes seeing you succeed. Don’t deceive yourself.

Society’s approval won’t make you successful

Some people remain your friends as long as you are on the same level with them or even beneath them. The moment you start making progress, you become an enemy. Don’t let this bother you too.

You are not striving for them to hail you. You are doing this for yourself. You are doing this for your future. You are doing this for the little girls around you have to inspire.

This is your life. This is your story. You are holding the pen. You have the paper. Societal approval or not, you have to do this for you alone.

Be focused. Be determined. Be resilient. Be dogged. You can’t afford to mess up now.


You can write a masterpiece or you can listen to dream killers telling you to shut up and be like them, normal, small and conformers. Or you can silence them and aim for the stars.

You have the choice of unfolding the life of your dreams or looking the other way to be accepted by others and you remain average.

You can allow others inspire you or you can let them get in the way. Seeking their approval is not needed for you to be successful.

You can make efforts to be successful or you can dream killers silence you. The choice is yours.

Living for other people’s approval will leave you empty and unfulfilled.

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  2. Ebube says

    It isn’t always easy to ignore society. But with God, you can be who you are and do what you can without caring about what people say.

  3. seunfunmi says

    Self confidence is a very important attribute an individual should possess…but its sad not all have it

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