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HER BROKEN SOUL 6: Living in a loveless marriage


A home is supposed to be peaceful but peace was far from one family because a husband stopped loving his wife and she won’t let him go either.

After first wife took care of second wife and her baby, she was rewarded with weighty accusations. Second wife’s sister who came after three weeks told her sister that she should stop allowing first wife care for her because she was jealous of her and her son.

She told her that no woman would care for her rival and her baby the way first wife was doing. She warned her not to believe first wife’s motives were good. She also stopped first wife from coming to see the baby. That was how trouble started again.

The fragile peace that they were enjoying because of the new born baby was shattered. Both wives started exchanging words once again. One day, second wife accused first wife of trying to kill her baby and that earned her a beating form husband man.

Husband man punched her so hard on the mouth that her upper lip tore. She was bleeding badly and was rushed to a nearby hospital where her upper lip was stitched. It became another mark of hatred on her fair, beautiful, and delicate skin.

Peace was far from one family for years

It was heartbreaking that even with all her efforts to keep the peace, she was being beaten over something she knew nothing about. It was at that point that first wife’s children informed their uncles and told them that their father was bent on killing their mother.

Her brothers stormed the house and husband man ran away. He claimed first wife has called her brothers to come and kill him. He informed his own people and they all agreed to meet on a certain day to discuss the chaotic issues robbing the family of their peace.

On the day of the meeting, husband man accused first wife of being jealous of his new wife and their son and the fact that second wife would give him many sons who would keep his alive and take over from him.


He actually forgot that he was 46 years old at the time and before those children would become adults, age will no longer be on his side, so there was no point for first wife to be jealous of them. He lied against first wife and claimed she was the one who injured herself to set him up. Her brothers couldn’t contain their anger.

They took a look at their sister and almost wept for her fate. They told her to leave and that they would take care of her but she refused. She said that she was okay staying in the same house with husband man and his new wife provided she would be left alone in peace to serve her God and attend her many church programmes.

Her brothers reluctantly let her be but warned husband man that they would deal with him if he ever laid his hands on their sister again. They told him to leave her alone and enjoy his new wife in peace. They reminded him how he started with first wife and all the sacrifices she made for him and their marriage.

After the settlement, things went fine for a while until second wife started manipulating husband to coerce first wife to go before the village oracle and swear that she won’t hurt her or her son. The house became heated again with disagreements because first wife vehemently refused to do such because she would be going against her Christian faith.

But husband man refused to let her live in peace at home. He kept saying that the only way he could start treating her better is after she swears to an oath before the village oracle. After all the trouble, first wife agreed to travel with them to the village to swear before an oracle that she won’t harm second wife or her child.

She went to the village amidst the humiliation and name calling and swore to an oath before the village oracle not to harm second wife and her son. She did this just to keep the peace but peace would elude her even after that huge sacrifice. Life is clearly unfair.

Stay tuned for part 7…

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  2. Helen Udunze says

    ?Life oh life
    Oh life, oh life, oh life
    After all said and done……..?

  3. Jijah says

    Waiting…I hope and pray second wife gets what she deserves in the end.

  4. Nonnie says

    Kate o
    What sort of woman endures like these?
    How can live not die in a home and heart where such happens?
    Oh my Gosh!
    This is so so terrible!

  5. Khemmy says

    What’s wrong with the first wife? I’m so vexed with her. Why endure such humiliation?

  6. Ellychiks says

    This madam first wife is pissing me off big time. What rubbish!

  7. Chichi says


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