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HER BROKEN SOUL 7: Living in a loveless marriage


It seems there’s no end to the suffering of the first wife in this story.

She did the unthinkable just to keep the peace at home but it seems husband man and his new wife were hell bent on destroying what was left of her life.

Her soul was broken. Tears were her companion. Heartache was her friend. She just couldn’t hold it together anymore. She broke down. She became ill. But her illness didn’t stop her abusers from torturing her.

Husband man left her at the hospital. Second wife claimed it was the oath that was affecting her because her hands were not clean. She started telling people that first wife will soon drop dead. She was happy she was sick.

But the God that first wife fervently held unto for years didn’t let her enemies rejoice over her. She recovered. It was like life was transfused into her frail body and broken soul. She was finally at peace with her situation. She stopped trying to please husband man.

She devoted her time to praying and fasting for the success of her children. She became their rock. She took all the suffering, pains and darts for them. She protected them from every attack. She didn’t allow them get involved in the many troubles at home.

First wife continued suffering in her own home.

When first daughter did her wedding three months later, it was a very happy day for her mom. She told all who cared to listen that God is alive and won’t fail the ones who trust and serve him.

It was a beautiful day for first daughter too and she was marrying the man she loved and one who supported her and her dreams wholeheartedly. The wedding came and gone and first daughter moved in with her husband. They were ready to begin their lives together.


Even though first wife was still being maltreated by husband man, she ignored him and his new wife. She stayed away from them. She avoided coming in contact with them. They were not happy that she was living her life with a positive attitude. They wanted her suffering to continue but she buried herself in church.

She devoted her time to God’s work, preaching to people and praying for sick in different hospitals. People started responding positively to her. They would give her money and gifts in appreciation. She became the one many women would run to when they had issues troubling them and she would provide succor to their aching hearts.

It was like the suffering she was going through bounced off her body. Husband man and his wife stirred up troubles to no avail. She completely ignored them. They were confused. They started claiming she was having an affair. But all their plots to disgrace her failed.

The house became uncomfortable for them. They would leave the house and come back late at night so that they won’t have to see first wife. Husband man continued to give her stipends for food or starve her anytime he felt like it. He said he would make sure she leaves his house. He said her suffering was just starting.

Second wife continued to lock the fridge so that first wife and her children won’t get cold water to drink to quench their thirst. She went about telling people that first wife wasn’t a normal human being. She claimed she was a witch because everything she did to break her came back to haunt her.

When second wife’s son wanted to begin school, she told husband man to withdraw the twins from the private school they attended because there was no use for them to attend private school with her son, the heir.

Husband man quickly removed the twins whom he abandoned in the hospital when they were born from the private school and registered them in a public school known for notorious children. But they turned out good in the end. Their plans to destroy the twins failed too.

For 8 years, first wife’s suffering continued until one fateful Sunday morning when everything changed for her good. By that time, first son was in the university, second daughter was in secondary school and the twins were getting ready for secondary school.

Stay tuned for the final episode of Her Broken Soul.

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  2. Tolulope says

    Hmmm. Wickedness .????

  3. Jijah says

    “Weeping may endure for a night ,but joy comes in the morning “. Im on the edge of my seat, waiting to read about the positive change.

  4. Helen Udunze says

    Am smiling to the Glory of God.

  5. Olorikemmy says


  6. Chichi says

    She tried o

  7. Sophia Dogbo says

    I just can’t wait for the final episode…

    #Surely they will gather but if the gathering is not of God they will fail

  8. Khemmy says

    Hmmmmmm. Waiting to see the end. She has endured too much pain

  9. Butterfly says

    No woman she go through half of this… Ha! Very sad. Although, I would have that she left but I also like the part that she switched off at a point.

  10. Grace says

    Am just here Kate don’t know what to say.women are unique.

  11. Nonnie says

    I have something to be happy for.
    One had to suffer until she became numb to pain.
    Odikwa egwu.

  12. Ibukun says

    She has really endured so much, I’m glad there is gonna be light at the end. If sorrow last for a night joy comes in the morning but only for those who wait

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