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Do women expect so little from men that any good deed is praised to high heavens?


Do Nigerian women expect so little from their men?

Is it that women don’t think men can be good, domesticated and caring?

Why is it that a man who takes care of his family is praised like a god?

Why is it that when a man says women should be treated right, women will start praising him and calling him a real man?

They also start calling his wife lucky for having such a man like him in her life. If he’s not married, these women say they envy his future wife because she will enjoy a good man.

Why Nigerian women expect less from their men

A man is seen bathing his children or changing diapers, women start praising him.

A man is seen backing his baby, the picture goes viral with people blessing him for backing for his own child.

A man cooks for his wife and children, women tell him he’s heaven bound.


A man cleans his house and takes care of his family, women start blessing him with all the blessings in the world.

One time, a picture of a man went viral on Facebook for backing his child and the comments on that picture was crazy.

Women kept praying for the man and praising him as if he had done something extraordinary.

He was backing his own child for crying out loud.

Should a father be praised for caring for his own child?

If a father doesn’t take care of his child, who will?

Why do women make it look like men who care for their children deserve a medal?

It is their responsibility to care for their children.

It is not only women who should break their backs caring for their children and families.

Why are these men praised as if they are doing something extraordinary?

Is it that men are expected to be bad or what?

Do women expect so little from men that any man who says or does the right things is praised to high heavens?

I want to understand this.

Can someone please explain the rationale behind these reactions to me?

I need answers.


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