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May God give you deep sleep when the enemy comes knocking at your door Pastor Nomthi Odukoya prays


Pastor Nomthi Odukoya, wife of Pastor Taiwo Odukoya, General Overseer of Fountain of Life Church loves to inspire other people.

She is known for sharing her life stories and bringing out important life messages for her followers.

Recently, Pastor Nomthi Odukoya shared something that happened one day while her mother was away and she was home alone.

Even though this experience made no sense to her at the time, Nomthi Odukoya tied a prayer point to it and shared with her fans.

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya

Read her post below:

“One night when I was thirteen years old, I happened to be home alone because my mum was at work and I can’t remember where the others were. While I was sleeping, someone came and knocked on my door but I didn’t hear. In the morning, the neighbors told me that the person was knocking frantically and shouting my name, but I still didn’t hear them. I was amazed when I heard about it because I am a light sleeper. The mystery is that nobody came looking for me in the morning. So, why were they looking for me at night? I still wonder to this day and each time I think about that incident I thank God for divine protection. May God give you deep sleep when the enemy comes knocking at your door. Whether it is a knock of frustration, poverty or any form of chaos, may it never come back to look for you even in the morning. Only joy will look for you in the morning.”

Pastor Nomthi Odukoya who has been married to the General Overseer for seven years loves to inspire people with her writings.

South African Nomthi Odukoya is fulfilled. She said in an interview at one time that her potential has been maximized.


“My potential has been maximized, part of which is writing books. I had never put to effective use this potential before. But now, that potential has been developed. Amazingly, one of the children’s books that I wrote is now the bestselling children’s book in Nigeria. Another thing that has changed about me is that I now eat more Nigerian foods. Finally, I now speak a bit of Yoruba.”

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