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Mixed reactions as woman shares headless photos of her man on Twitter


A young woman has sparked a ton of reactions on social media after sharing headless photos of her man on Twitter.

The woman, identified as @ParisNotFrance_ on Twitter, took to the platform on Monday, May 22, to share a series of photoshopped photos of herself and her man while on vacation.

Paris, who clearly wanted to keep her man’s identity hidden, edited his head out of the photos to prevent people from recognizing him.

She posted photos of them in front of an helicopter, on a yacht, and another of them in a hotel room. However, her partner’s head was conspicuously absent in all of the photos.


The tweet has since gone viral on the internet, stirring a flurry of reactions from social media users.

Read some below,

@dahaitanjoker wrote, “It was best you didn’t post him at all. Once you do something like this, other women will stop at nothing to hunt that man down and find out who it is. If anything you’re bringing more attention rather than so being “private””


@drewjerseey wrote, “Serious question , when y’all do this is it because if your man is cheating you don’t want someone to identify him and come to you as a woman? Or do you just not want people to see who you are currently dating for whatever reason?”

@shefell4russia wrote, “Bro spent his life savings and still got cropped out smh the game dirty fellas.”

@iam_kennybiggs wrote, “Imagine if we as men crop out our girls faces, then we cheating ”


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