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Why is it wrong for a woman to say she enjoys sex?


Women love and enjoy sex but for some reason, they have to pretend about it so that this hypocritical society doesn’t see them as loose women. I laugh.

Some people roll their eyes at you when you say sex as a woman. They feel ashamed on your behalf for mentioning sex and freely say how much you love and enjoy it.

When you say you enjoy sex as a woman, it is finished. They squirm in their seats. They are shocked. They beg you with their eyes to stop talking.

These people don’t like saying sex. They don’t like it when a woman says she loves and enjoys sex. You are seen as a bad influence for daring to say such a thing.

Why can’t women say they love and enjoy sex?

Women are not supposed to love sex or enjoy it. They are not even supposed to say how much they love it or tell their men how to make them see tiny little orgasmic stars all the time.

The Nigerian society teaches women to be pious, submissive and holy. Yet the same society teaches men to be wild, immoral and free when it comes to sex.

The funny thing is that as holy as these people pretend to be, they are having more sex than those who don’t see anything wrong in saying sex, penis, vagina and breasts.

People are having uncontrolled sex. They are having casual sex, make up sex, employment sex, bribe sex, holy sex, domestic sex, break up sex, promotion sex, punishment sex, holy sex, yet, you must not mention sex to their hearing.


Somebody said I shouldn’t be writing penis in my column because it is disrespectful. He said I should call it another name because it is what my father used to bring me into the world and it should be respected.

But how can I stop saying penis? Oooops, I said it again. But penis is penis and vagina is vagina. They are just body parts. I wonder why people think it’s bad to call these things by their real names.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman saying she loves and enjoys sex. Sex is sweet. Sex is beautiful. Women love and enjoy sex too.

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