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Why unhappy couples stay together


Why do unhappy couples stay married? Do you look at the cat and mouse games some couples play and ask yourself why they are still together if they have to play mind games with each other?

For some people, marriage is a happy, enriching and fulfilling experience but for others, it is hell on earth. Some couples are deeply dissatisfied with each other but stay together anyway.

I often wonder why these unhappy people don’t simply cut their losses, end the relationship, and move on with their lives. It’s sad that people, who are clearly unhappy together, just won’t call it quits.

These people talk to each other anyhow. They no longer have anything in common. When they talk about each other, you will cringe. Their words are laced with anger and bitterness yet they insist on remaining as a couple. Unhappy couples body language give them away.

Here are 5 reasons unhappy couples stay together:

They have children

Some couples stay together because they have children. They fight like cat and mouse and endanger the lives of their children all the time, yet they refuse to go their separate ways. They believe divorce is worse than the dysfunctional relationship they are enduring. These couples don’t know that living with parents who are together but feel disdain for one another is worse for children than having divorced parents.

Why unhappy couples remain married

They live together


Living together is one reason miserable couples stay together for years tormenting one another with their toxicity. They don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving away, starting life afresh and finding a new place to live. Some of these people in miserable marriages are afraid of staying alone and going back into the dating scene.

One partner relies financially on the other

Unhappy people tend to remain glued to each other because one partner is financially reliant on the other. Perhaps the woman quit her job, with the understanding she would be supported forever. Now that she doesn’t have a job or business that brings money, leaving her spouse even if he’s abusive is totally out of the equation.

They don’t believe happiness is real

Some people don’t actually believe that there are couples who truly love each other and are happy in their marriages. Sadly, some people actually believe that being unhappy in a relationship is normal. These people see happiness as a state of mind they can’t attain, so they don’t bother themselves about finding happiness with their spouses.

Cheating is an escape route

Unfortunately, some couples just decide to cheat. What these cheating spouses don’t know is that doing that is like having two broken relationships rather than one whole one. Some unhappy couples find happiness by cheating on their partners. They feel it’s the best thing for their mental, emotional and psychological well being. So sad! This is one of miserable relationship signs and unhappy marriage signs. It’s such a terrible place to be.




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