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How Nigerian women can make money in 2019

Dear woman, are you wondering how you can make money this year? Do you want to move from barely making it to being a financially stable woman? Are you tired of running from pillar to post just to get money to feed and meet your family’s needs?
Look no further, this article will help you figure within to come up with something that will change your story for good.
What are you good at? What can you do better than the next person? How are you using your talents and gifts?
Make money with what you have in your hands. Your gift will make a way for you. If you are good at baking, bake things and sell. If you are good in buying and selling, what are you waiting for? Start now.
Forget about the people laughing at you. Face your legitimate hustle and make money. These people don’t matter. Focus on making money from what you can do well.
Stop gossiping about other people. Yes, face your business and stop going from house to house talking about other people. You are wasting time that will be profitable to you and your life.
How women can make money
Have the number of children you can cater for. Stop being careless with your reproductive health and life. Take charge of your body and stop having children you cannot cater for. Money will not fall from heaven for you.
Learn from the people who have gone ahead of you in your chosen field. Put pride aside and learn from others. You don’t know everything. Be ready to talk to successful people and be knowledgeable about what you do.
Read. Read. Read. If you have access to the internet, leave instablog naija and Linda Ikeji blog alone. These people have made billions, face your own life and spend your data reading about what you do and how to succeed in your chosen field.
Pray. I believe in the power of intentional and meaningful prayers. Pray for guidance and direction. Pray for God’s favour and prosperity upon the work of your hands. Listen for divine nudging and steps to take.
Be your own cheerleader. Sometimes, you don’t have to wait for others to encourage you even though you need it. Encourage yourself by yourself. Tell yourself good things. Speak positive things into your life.
Fail. Fall. Rise up, learn from your mistakes and move on. There’s no point giving up on yourself when you haven’t gotten to your destination. If you fail to pick yourself up after you fall, who will give you money? Dust yourself and try again no matter how many times you fail.
Rest. Listen to your body. Take care of your health. Don’t burn yourself out. Hustle. Rest. Laugh. Play. Pamper yourself. Go for a massage. Register in a gym, work out. Exhale and start again. Make and enjoy this money, you deserve it.
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