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Why I prefer dating married men


Nollywood actress Mariam Odunola aka Omo VC, while showing support for polygamy, has stated that she prefers dating married men than single guys.

Speaking in a new interview with Nigerian Tribune, the actress mentioned that dating a married man or becoming a fourth wife is not an issue to her as long as there are provisions for such.

According to her: “Personally, I like married men more than single guys because I have never been lucky with single guys. As it looks, I might end up being second, third or even fourth wife, I don’t mind as long as I am happy.

Mariam Odunola prefers dating married men

Marriage is a delicate topic that I am always cautious to discuss because it cuts across various faiths with personal interests and different kinds of persons involved. .

But as a Muslim, my religion gives room for a man to marry more than one wife with clear explanations that such a man must create balance on the home front.

If a man doesn’t have the financial, mental, physical and psychological capacity to marry more than one wife, he is not expected to go into polygamy. .

I however don’t have any issue with polygamy as long as there is adequate care and respect among the parties involved.”



Trust Nigerians, they are tearing her to shreds on different social media platforms and calling her names.

The funny thing is that if it were to be a man who made the same statement she made, people will be cool with it. They won’t even raise an eyebrow.

One guy on Instagram said she’s a player who is using a different scope to get a man who won’t monitor her movement like a single guy would.

Another guy said: Imagine what this fool opened her mouth to spew this holiday season. Don’t hide under the blanket of religion to destroy another woman’s home. You can still turn such men away for the sake of decency. Don’t be another Regina Daniels.


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