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I wish everyone I have met on my life’s journey well irrespective of how we parted ways


I wish everyone I have met on my life’s journey nothing but peace and love irrespective of how we parted ways.

Whether we separated on good, bad or indifferent terms, I wish you well. I don’t want to hold on to negative feelings and energies anymore.

Whether we outgrew each other and our relationship fizzled out naturally, I hold no grudges, I wish you the best in life. Sometimes, we think we are meant to go through life with someone but along the line, something happens and the feeling is no longer mutual. It is okay, life goes on.

Whether you don’t feel the need to connect with me anymore, I understand you. Life happens. I wish you well. I understand you. Sometimes, I feel the same way about some of my relationships. I just don’t want to relate with some people anymore.

I wish everyone well

Whether you pretended to be my friend while you called me derogatory names behind my back, I wish you well. I was hurt this year when I discovered that one of my friends has been telling some people terrible things about me. I was angry and shut her out of my life. I wish her well though but we can no longer be friends.

Whether you felt I am no longer the person you met, loved, admired and craved her friendship, I wish you well. Somebody told me that I have changed after being my friend for a while. When I asked her what she meant, she said, I am now more worldly and she doesn’t want to be associated with a woman who lives her life for worldly pleasures. I wish her all the best.

Whether you feel I should have done or said things differently and you feel hurt, I’m sorry. I wish I could have done things differently. I wish you well. I wish you success. May you find what you are looking for. May you be a better person. May your burden be light. May your life be great.


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