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A woman who doesn’t care about pleasing society is hated


In this part of the world, a woman who doesn’t care about pleasing society is hated.

A woman doesn’t bang her head against the wall obsessing over other people’s opinions is called unprintable names.

A woman who doesn’t allow people walk all over her so that she can appear humble and called virtuous is hated by many people.

A woman who refuses to dumb down herself for a man so that he can feel powerful about having a penis is threatened by eternal single hood.

A woman who understands that other people’s validation mean nothing as long as she’s living in her truth is called a bitch.

A woman who doesn’t care about pleasing society is hated

A woman who doesn’t live up to other people’s standards except her own is threatened by others who feel insecure about her confidence.

And this is not only about men who think they have the right to tell women how to live their lives.

I’m appalled when women call other women names for refusing to live their lives according to unhealthy society dictates.


A woman recently told me that women can’t be equal with men because men are heads and women are necks.

According to this woman, women should stop fighting for equality because it is against God’s order of things. She said that women should always be under men and accept the way things are.

Honestly, I don’t care what society expects of me as I go through this journey of self discovery and life’s many adventures. Society be damned!

No matter how you decide to live your life, do what’s best for you. You shouldn’t be living your life on other people’s terms. You can’t please everyone.

You shouldn’t be who you are not because you want to be in everybody’s good books. Good girls don’t change the world. Dare to be your true self.

Women, stop trying to please this hypocritical society. You won’t win. Dare to be yourself!

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  2. Ebube says

    But women who stand up for themselves are the best women

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