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Avoid single mothers at all costs Shadaya Knight advises men


Controversial Zimbabwe social media personality and self-proclaimed anti-feminist, Shadaya Knight Tawona has advised men to avoid single mothers at all costs because they are reaping the rewards of their irresponsible behavior.

Shadaya Knight Tawona said:

“Avoid single moms at all costs. She wasted her prime f::cking irresponsible guys. But when the irresponsible guy bails on her, she now seeks you, the very nice guy she used to call boring to help raise her illegitimate offsprings. Don’t save a woman from her past of bad decisions.”

My problem with young guys who are myopic is that they don’t think well before they talk. This guy clearly doesn’t know anything about life and single motherhood or because of his anti feminist stance, he just wants to hear himself talk.

There are many reasons why a woman ends up a single mom. Women who left abusive and violent marriages with their children are definitely not wayward, they are heroes for saving their lives and that of their children.

Shadaya Knight Tawona

Women who were raped and got pregnant but decide to keep their babies are single mothers who didn’t jump from one penis to another. These women were dealt a horrible life blow by idiotic men but they refused to be reduced by their experiences.

Women who were dumped by the men they loved after they were promised marriage end up single mothers too. They made the choices to be there for their children. They are the real MVPs and don’t deserve to be insulted by one boy who lacks sense.

At one time, this same guy sparked a global outrage when he advised men to date only ladies between the ages of 18 to 25 because they are less sexually experienced and submissive.


I don’t why anyone would advise men to go for vulnerable ladies because they lack relationship experience. Is that not a license to manipulate and disrespect these naive ladies?

Nigerians have started reacting to his post.

Nnenna said:

“Women should avoid men who have body counts higher than 10. He spends his youthful age chasing girls and sleeping around. When he’s 30, he looks for a nice lady to settle down with and enjoy the remaining dying days. His pwick is now overused and tiny due to his excessive trips. Be wary of such guys.”

Anne wrote:

“Your generalization is ignorantly arrogant. Every single mother didn’t get that way due to bad choices. There are a plethora of reasons why a woman might decide to parent alone. Leaving an abusive partner is one of them.”

Oneetwoo said:

“Why do men just sit down and come up with foolishness? Is it your concern? Where is your blame on the man for leaving a woman to fend for his child alone?”

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  2. Ebube says

    lol, next time he will keep quiet

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