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Side chicks are taking over marriages because married women no longer cook


Side chicks are taking over marriages because married women no longer cook for their husbands says one man on Facebook.

Hilary Junior Smith made a comment about a tweet that was made by another man lamenting that married women now perpetually order food online instead of cooking for their families:

“The fact remains that because of the attitude of women ordering food and doing  nonsense, this has made side chicks take over their homes.”

This young man started insulting the woman who posted the tweet and defended married women. He called her a whore with body odour. The things we read online.

Side chicks are taking over marriages because married women no longer cook

Bayo Adedosu tweeted:

There’s a growing trend amongst Nigerian women these days…they order stars, soups and jollof they eat at home from vendors. And I mean married women. I know it’s tough to manage the home front and work but to be perpetually ordering foods is beyond words.”

Nigerians have responded for and against this tweet. Most men agreed with the man’s tweet by saying married women are now losing their husbands to side chicks because they no longer perform their primary duty which is cooking whatever their husbands want to eat.

One man said that any woman who orders food from vendors instead of cooking for her husband is lazy and should be sent back to her mother for proper home training. He said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and women must cook.


Another man said that women these days don’t want to mess their well manicured nails and that is why they play with what goes into their husbands stomachs by buying food.

One Balogun said:

In our society, it is considered wrong for a married woman to order food from food vendors.

Our culture was invented according to their way of doing things in olden days when women are full house wives and men provide the food stuffs or money.

Today, many wives financially provide for their families through their businesses and careers. They’re always busy getting things done to provide for the family. Husbands should assist in cooking if wives are still at work or shop.

Married men shouldn’t rely on the outdated culture that wives must cook. We have to update our culture. It is only in Nigeria that things invented in past are not upgraded or updated. Even Facebook updated it apps every now and then.

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  2. Dominion says

    This is nonsense post, oh’ the same men they advised women to let cheat , that they will always come back,😂😂 are now threatening with chicks, 🤣🤣🤣 if your woman stop cooking, maybe you should cook, after all marriage is a sacrifice, you must be a stupid and uncultured man to consider taking in another wife, because you wife do not cook, if all the food you have been eating in you life didn’t give you sense maybe you need to starve, how can a full grown up ass man will not be able to cook for himself, without the help of a woman, keep cheating and you will keep raising other men’s kid’s, rubbish and Ingridence na una body he go show😂😂😂

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