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Married men cheat for fun but married women who cheat can kill their husbands


One uncle told me that married men cheat for fun but married women who cheat can kill their husbands because they cheat with emotions.

This is my conversation with him:

Uncle: Why do always advice women to run away from their relationships when there’s small beating?

Me: Because it’s a relationship not a wrestling match or boxing ring. Why did you call beating small?

Uncle: A good relationship should be about patience, long-suffering and endurance. True love covers all things.

Me: Does true love entail beating your partner and abusing them emotionally, psychologically and physically? Is that love?

Uncle: A woman can turn the negative lifestyle of her partner into positive through prayers. Real women pray for their men to change.

Married men cheat for fun but married women who cheat can kill their husbands



Me: Yeah, that’s true. So when next your wife beats you and you open your eyes in the hospital with swollen face and missing teeth, brother go on your knees immediately and pray for her to change.

Uncle started looking at me as if I was speaking French.

Me: If she cheats on you, pray. If she keeps lying to you, pray. If she hangs another man’s children on your neck, by all means fast and pray. If she keeps disrespecting you, uncle, pray harder. The devil wants to ruin your home. Indeed, prayers works wonders.

Uncle: I can’t take all you mentioned from any woman. It’s not like I am crazy.

Me: Then stop talking nonsense about endurance and patience when the shoe is on the other foot.

Uncle: Men and women are not the same. Men are like gods on earth and women are meant to serve them. You can’t compare both situations, they are not the same.

Me: What makes the situations different? You cheat, she cheats, equation balance. Is it not the same cheating? Why is it different when a woman cheats?

Uncle: It is different because men cheat for fun but women cheat with emotions and this can lead to the death of her husband. A cheating woman is capable of killing her husband.

Me: What is a cheating man capable of, loving his wife so much that he jumps from one vagina to another like a hungry rabbit?

Uncle: Stop twisting things. Teach women how to be submissive so that they can win back their husbands on their knees. Prayers work.

Me: Pray for your wife too so that you won’t wake up 20 years later to discover you are not the father of your children.

Uncle says God forbid and walks away fast.

These men are funny. They can dish out nonsense to women but they can’t take it.

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  2. Ebube says

    lmao the uncle is a mumu

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