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Indecent dressing is not the cause of rape, rapists are


Indecent dressing is not the cause of rape, rapists are. Rapists rape because they feel entitled to women’s bodies.

Rapists take women by force because they feel like it and because it makes them feel powerful. They also do this because they know this society doesn’t punish rapists.

To rape a woman is to control her and we know that Nigerian men are good at controlling women. Nigerian men feel entitled to women’s attention, time and love.

This is why a young man will hatch a plan with his friends to rape a young lady who rejected his advances. Did indecent dressing cause that too? No.

This is why a man will force himself on a woman looking for employment and turn around to blame her for seducing him instead of accepting that he’s less than an animal.

Men rape women in their own homes. Were these women indecently dressed too? Men rape grandmothers, widows and girls in their homes and even have the effrontery to ask them why they are not wet so that they can have easy access to their vaginas.

Are these victims dressed indecently too? Did they seduce their attackers too? Did they attract rape while in the comfort of their own homes? Did they put themselves in positions where these men would easily have access to them and rape them? No.

Men rape women because they know they will get away with it in this society and blame the victims. These rapists thrive on the silence of their victims. They enjoy taking women by force because they know Nigerians will justify their beastly actions with their victims indecent dressing.


22-year-old Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, microbiology student had her whole life ahead of her. She was determined to study and make something of her life but her dreams were cut short by murderous rapists recently.

Indecent dressing is not the cause of rape

Since universities aren’t in session because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, late Uwaila sought the quiet of her empty church in Benin City,  as a place to study. But one fateful day, she would be raped by animals in human skin with her head bashed in with a fire extinguisher. 

And just like that, her life was snuffed out. She was cut short in her prime because some guys felt entitled to her body and were determined to steal her innocence. They killed her, left her family and friends heartbroken. She wasn’t indecently dressed. 

18-year-old student Barakat Bello of the was raped and murdered in her home in Ibadan. She was discovered in the pool of her own blood. She was a Muslim and dressed according to the tenets of Islam. It means she was well covered. Was she indecently dressed too in her own home? 

A 25-year-old young man named Wasiu Bankole raped a 70-year-old Grandma in her home and blamed alcohol for his action. The alcohol didn’t push him into oncoming vehicles but he had sense enough to break into the woman’s room, pin her down and rape her. What an animal!

Another 25-year-old young man Ezekiel Yunana was arrested in Niger State for raping an 85-year-old Grandma. He broke into her room, demanded for money and when she couldn’t raise the money he demanded, he raped her.

He raped her for hours until her grandson rescued her. Was this helpless Grandma in her room dressed indecently too? Did she attract rape by staying in her room? Did she seduce her attacker too?

Were the toddlers and children who were raped dressed indecently too? Did they visit their attackers and created opportunities for these men to rape them? Did they seduce their rapists too?

Men rape women to exert control over them. Men rape women because they lack self control. Men rape women because they feel entitled to women’s bodies. Men rape women because they know there’s no stiff punishment for rapists in Nigeria.

What about guys who rape other guys? Are these guys indecently dressed too? Did they seduce these men too? Did they ask to be raped through their dressing? Did they visit their rapists with the intention of seducing them? Let’s learn to ask the right questions.

Indecent dressing is not the cause of rape, rapists are. Nigerian parents should raise their sons properly and stop unleashing their badly raised animals on other people’s innocent daughters. Rape is evil.


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  2. Ebube says

    people who think dressing is a factor don’t have sense

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