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Common phrases of Nigerian women in abusive relationships


I have outlined some favorite lines and phrases of some Nigerian women in abusive and dysfunctional relationships.

These women who have glamorized suffering and pain do nothing but make excuses for the men who treat them badly and even blame other women for their actions.

Below are some of their favorite sentences:

I have dated this guy for 10 years, he beats me but I won’t leave him for any woman to come and enjoy what I have worked for. I know he loves me, I love him too.

Even though my husband slaps and beats me five times a week, I won’t leave him because he’s a good man. He bought me a car and he takes care of my children and I.

We have been married for six years, I lost one eye to one of my husband’s blows but he’s a kind man because he pays the bills. He’s not a bad man, he just has a hot temper.

Common phrases of Nigerian women in abusive relationships

I have lost three pregnancies to my husbands beatings but I won’t leave my home for another woman to come and reap the rewards of my labour.

No man is perfect. No marriage is perfect. Marriage is for better for worst. Anybody telling you to leave your home is an enemy. Some of them are going through worst things in their homes.


On cheating, it rains everywhere. Men are polygamous in nature. I thank God he doesn’t bring his side chicks home. I am his wife and the other woman is a nobody. He’s just playing with her.

On the rape of minors living with them…Some girls have seductive spirits. I have to send them back to where I brought them from before they destroy my marriage. I pray for my husband daily because the devil is out to destroy marriages.

On the rape of their daughters…It is not ordinary. I give my husband hot sex. I don’t deny him sex. I dress sexy so there’s no how he would rape our daughter. I have to take my daughter for deliverance, maybe she seduced her father. I will fast and pray for my husband. There’s nothing God cannot do.

On side chicks matter…I stand naked on a mortar by 2am and pray for any side chick disturbing my marriage to fall and die. I tell God to kill the love my husband has for his side chick. I pray hard because prayer is the key. I’m ready to bathe my husband’s side chicks with hot water and acid if that will make them leave my husband and marriage alone.

Me: 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼

Women in abusive relationships should stop blaming themselves or other people for the actions of the men who treat them badly. Women, leave shitty men alone. These men won’t change and will continue hurting you. Love yourself and say no to abusive relationships.


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