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Nigerian men who blame women for their irresponsible actions don’t deserve respect


I don’t respect Nigerian men who blame the devil, other people or their victims for their irresponsible actions.

A man rapes a lady, he blames her for wearing a seductive dress, are you a dog? Don’t you have self control?

A man tries to rape his sister in law, he blames alcohol for his shameful action. He refuses to admit that he has been drooling over her like a goat.

A man rapes a toddler, he blames the toddler for wearing diapers in his presence. It is the fault of the toddler for arousing him. He’s just a man with blood running in his veins.

A man keeps changing side chicks like boxers and blames his wife for not hanging from the ceiling during sex. She is to blame because she is not a virgin porn star in bed.


Nigerian men who blame women for their irresponsible actions don’t deserve respect


A man rapes his neighbour’s daughter, he blames her for growing perky breasts. She shouldn’t have grown so big during a short period of time. It’s her fault she got raped.


A man rapes his daughter, he claims she seduced him and removed towel from his waist after he took his bath. He blames his daughter for touching him.

A man is caught sleeping with his house help, he blames his wife for employing a beautiful girl. If she had employed am ugly girl, he wouldn’t have had sex with her.

A man is caught having sex with his wife’s niece, he blames the girl for walking around the house in shorts. It is her fault because men will be men and behave like animals on heat.

I don’t respect men who blame everyone but themselves for the misbehaviour of their penis.

You are a human being, not an animal. If you can’t respect your wife or respect family boundaries, own your shit.

Stop pointing your dirty fingers at other people like you don’t have a choice in such scenarios.

Nigerian men who blame women and girls for their wandering penis don’t deserve to be respected. They are worse than animals.


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