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20 characteristics of quality friendships Nigerian women should know


When we talk of quality friendships or celebrate our close friends, it is deeper than the day of celebration itself. Believe me when I say it is.

1. It is because we can always lean on each other when needed.

2. It is because we can trust each other to some extent that we don’t feel like we need to watch our backs when not with them.

3. It is because we know our friends want the best for us even when we don’t usually agree.

4. It is because they are not takers but givers in all areas.

5. It is because when they see opportunities that we can benefit from, they think about us first.

6. It is because they don’t hoard information that can take us to the next level.




7. It is because we can share our dreams with them and know they will celebrate us publicly and secretly.

8. It is because they can tell us to go to bed and that things will be done for us before we wake up.

9. It is because when they see us weak and down, they remind us of how strong we have been in the past and that we can do it again.

10. It is because when we fall, they won’t blame us on the reason we fall but assure us that we can surely rise again like a Phoenix.

11. It is because they always let us know that after the rain, the sun will shine again every time we get beaten by the rain.

12. It is because even when we forget who we are, they pull out our generational praise reminding us we are the daughter of a King who belongs to the throne.

13. It is because they understand the art of giving in friendship. They give their heart, time, shoulder, listening ear, gifts and more.

14. It is because they understand become that quality friend is a process so they don’t force it at first but watch to see if they have a space for this person coming into their lives.

15. It is because even through they have been burnt before, it doesn’t stop them to try again knowing not everyone is the person that once hurt them.

16. It is because they know quality friendship is servitude. They know if they can’t serve the person their best, they won’t accept the person’s hand of friendship.

17. Sometimes, they are termed standoffish but it’s their way of saying I don’t have space for you yet. If I am saying yes to you, I am giving it my all.

18. It is because they know that lighting you up will not dim their own light.

19. It is because they know within the first few minutes of being on the phone with you if you are happy, sad, excited, down and all. They know you that well and will proffer solutions within their power.

20. It is because we ourselves are that friend that give quality to our friends to show they matter.

Conclusively, the question is “are you the friend, the friends you are looking for?

What are you giving to your friends? Do you possess the value you want in your friends? If yes, I’m glad but if not, then it’s not too late.

©️ Sanmi Akomolafe


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