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A lot of Nigerian women are married to their enemies


A lot of women are married to their enemies. It’s only your enemy who would be jealous of your success and want to steal your shine.

How will you buy a car and your husband would be angry that you rightfully told everyone that you bought it yourself?

Why should someone who claims to love you be angry when you succeed and own your success story? Why will he want to steal your shine?

I just don’t get it, if my partner should buy a car, house, get a pH.d etc, I’d rejoice with him, I’d loud it, I wouldn’t appropriate his success for myself so why can’t he rejoice with me when I succeed? Why should he want me to lie that he’s the brain behind my success?

This all boils down to coming from dysfunctional families. Families where the mother has to buy lands and cars in her husband’s name, families where mothers have to pass money under the table so the husband can feel an inch like a man.

I just don’t understand the madness behind it. I come from a home where when my dad is broke, he straight up tell you that he’s financially down. There no shame in it, it only makes you human.



Why should a husband have to maintain the facade of an all-having God at your own expense?

He can’t always provide all your need so why should he demand that you lie when you provide it yourself? There absolutely nothing normal about this aberration.

In the current state of Nigeria, there almost no family that hasn’t make some financial adjustment. It’s normal for you to be broke. I just don’t understand why you’d expect your partner to lie just to protect your “pride’.

So she has no pride and dignity to protect, it’s only your pride that matters. I have a mighty ego, if I have it, I’d loud it, I can never claim that a man did what he didn’t do for me.

God forbid a husband that can’t rejoice when I rejoice, I’d rather die surrounded by cats than in the arms of my enemy who claims that be my husband.

A partner should be happy for your success. If your partner only shines when you dim your light, he’s an enemy.

A “head” that builds his throne on the back of women he has subjugated isn’t a head, he’s a plague you should avoid.

By JD Njeb

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