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Let your children know they can talk to you about anything Nigerian doctor advises fathers


A Nigerian doctor has advised Nigerian fathers to befriend their children so that they can be free with them and  share things about their lives with them.

According to the man with username Dr. Penking, Father’s should take their children out individually and let them know they can talk to them about anything.

The Doctor saw a father and daughter out on a date and the daughter told her father everything about her life including guys who are wooing her but he didn’t judge or scold her.

“I’m at this sit out and this father took his teenage daughter out on a date. I can hear what they are discussing from my seat.

She’s telling her every single thing about her life lately, the boys toasting her, her challenges in school, everything.

Her father listened to her without judging and then proceeds to advise her, telling her his own experiences when he was young. She even told him about a boy in school that kissed her. He didn’t judge at all. My God.

I’m almost shedding tears here. I’m not sure this man grew up in Nigeria because for most Nigerian fathers everything they know about fatherhood is “My friend go and read your books” and “Come and check this cloth whether it will size you”. That’s all they know. Nothing else.


Sometimes your children just want to talk to you. It’s not always about providing. Descend yourself from the high horse. Don’t be a ruler of your children. Be their friend.

Most children don’t have anyone to listen to them so they end up sharing heir problems with the wrong people who give them bad advise which can ruin their life forever.

Nigerian fathers learn from this man. Take your children out individually, without your wife, without the other children.

Let them know that they can talk to you about anything. That’s what fatherhood means.”


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