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Eatrich Farms investment platform reportedly crashes, investors count losses


Eatrich Farms investment platform that took Facebook by storm has reportedly crashed. Investors are crying and bemoaning their fate on Facebook.

Nwaka Cynthia wrote:

“I have been sending messages and calling Eatrich Farms since last two weeks my money matured and none of them is responding to me.

Only thing their Facebook handler did was to ask for my phone number and up till now, nothing.

There’s no information,no response from them. I don’t know how else to reach them , abeg if you know kindly tell me.”

Amanda Chisom wrote:

“You know normally I will not answer you people because I warned you about this white wash investments and warned you not to come to me if it crashes.


I am giving this ear because she is sick and needs her money to treat herself .

Dear Eatrich people, we can do this peacefully or pieces. Settle this woman and let her get treatment. Peacefully send her money to her.”

Some weeks back, there have been silent whispers that the investment company that promises mouth watering ROI had reportedly crashed but people kept mum about it.


On July 15th, a Facebook user Ijeoma Ogwuegbu wrote:

“Hello my people. Its been raining cats and dogs in my neighbourhood. Is it raining in your area? I’ve heard some people say they want to EatRich.

Did the rain of riches fall in your area? Abi it’s the flood of the riches eaten by the rich that has carried some people’s shoes away.

May you never look for your shoes o. And if you do look for it, I pray you don’t leave it at the doorstep of people who want to EatRich without sowing. You know, like iro and buba. Or agbada. Sew your own according to your side.

Or else someone will come and Eat your own Rich. Better don’t cry when it’s your turn.

Affliction shall not arise a 2nd time. Or 3rd and 4th. MMM came and went, you were there. You have put investment banker in your bio, as if words don’t have any meaning again. Pick one, pick two, you’re not the Wolf of Nollywood. Your name no be Leonardo.

Leave trouble, let trouble leave you. Ka chineke mezie okwu.”


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