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Hymar David Idibie Drags Joy Isi Bewaji Over Her Relationship With Alleged Fraudster Muyiwa Folorunsho (2)


Hymar David Idibie has continued to drag Facebook influencer Joy Isi Bewaji over her relationship with alleged fraudster Muyiwa Folorunsho after she made posts praising him for changing her life.

Hymar David Idibie wrote:

“Yes , I was f*cking him, but na open marriage dem get and na because I be spec.”


Make una come see una strong, independent, hardworking babe’s site. Na here she dey collect her own 2k.

Admitting to fooking a wanted fraudster who’s currently on the run.

Yahoo boy’s babe wey dey form classy.



Madam no be matter of spec anything. We are not children. We know say na the fraudulent billions e dey thief enter your eye.

See the kind of person who tried to shame me for honest work.

I collect 2k to write.

You collect 20k to suck preek. Married men preek. Hushpupi preek. A wanted fraudster’s preek.

Runs babe wey sabi blow grammar.

Open marriage indeed. Why e no go open when you don see sugar daddy na. Open laps ni.

Shameless tiff. Na Amadioha go blast you next time you try to compare your detty, desperate, tiff tiff self to me. Elede oshi.”



Hymar David wasn’t done, another post read:

“You people’s role modem and queen is writing a passionate loff story about her married shuga daddy boyfriend, a wanted fraudster who has gone into hiding like the eku he is.

After threatening lawsuit, when she see say I no send her and her charge-and-bail lawyers, madam is trying too hard to “own my story.”

Dear Abba Kyari lite, you can’t own this.

No be cake wey dem bake for you.

Na crime and all accomplices and enablers of criminals deserve to be locked away and be chopping tiny stone mixed with small beans 3 times daily.

Write all the love in Tokyo stories about how Muyiwa the fraudster, who ruined the lives of hundred of people, changed your life, e no concern us.

Na thief. And you be thief sidechick wey dey suck him preek for urgent 20k.

Bastid lowlife sewer r. a . t

Bring your lawyers fes fes, let me further useless you in court.

You want to threaten me with court? Lmao. I will show you say Facebook o, outside Facebook o, I am more than a match for you.

You wan form vile? I will show you and your useless zombies that I senior you in wickedness.

Go and ask Jacqueline the picker about me. I first buy am food follow am shine teeth as she dey chop, follow am do “Yes o” when the mumu later came to fb to hype me, before I clear her doubts.

You no bad reach. I have schooled you before and I will do it again with two hands tied behind my back.

Facebook o. Outside Facebook o. You are zero where I dey.


No be by bragging on top fraud and how you dey fvck another person husband.

That’s why when you saw me at Abeokuta that year, upon say I dey your front and waited, letting you see me, giving you an opportunity to do rubbish make I clear your doubts, you sat dia like the coward you are dey hide your face behind sunglasses.

Your noise no pass Facebook. Forget that thing.

You claim they were in an open marriage.

How come Glory Osei found out you dey chop her food and you had to run for your life when she change am for you?

Bush rat dey rub lipstick e say na spec.”


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