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Hymar David Idibie Drags Joy Isi Bewaji Over Her Relationship With Alleged Fraudster Muyiwa Folorunsho (3)


The beef between Hymar David Idibie and Joy Isi Bewaji is not being settled anytime soon with the way they have been dragging each other on Facebook since yesterday.

Wahala started when Joy Isi Bewaji took to Facebook to praise alleged fraudster Muyiwa Folorunsho who has been declared wanted by Interpol. His wife Glory Osei was also declared wanted for alleged fraud running into millions.

Hymar David Idibie wasn’t happy that Joy Isi Bewaji was saying nice things about a man who defrauded a lot of people. He took it upon himself to call her out.

Joy Isi Bewaji wrote:

The Boyfriend sent me this last night…and it bróke me.

Especially because of what he wrote.

“They probably stepped on some toes, because he is not doing anything differently from other failed investments.”

It is true.



Businesses that depend on ROI is the trickiest thing in modern society.

I run away from them with my slippers in my hand.

It is one step away from pónzi…

And sometimes it goes right into becoming pónzi if proper management doesn’t exist.


It’s a slippery slope.

This bróke me, mehn.

Because, as far as I know, Muyiwa is a great guy.

Flawed AF. Annoying AF.

But almost a genius. And I do not throw that word around casually.

He will bréák you eventually…

But if you are smart enough, you would have been too great from the lessons his life provide for him to bréák you for long.”

Hymar David Idibie responded:

You dey fuck person husband use am brag on Facebook, dey even collect stolen money from the man as “thanks for coming” and “that bj was really nice, dear” but you think you are classier than me.


Please return to your pit, s.w i.n e. The people bringing your daily breakfast of vomit and shit never come yet.

Meanwhile, Muyiwa is just one person o.

Before Muyiwa, there was this abroad guy who was dating her then bestie.

The bestie and the abroad guy dey love dem own dey go.

Muyiwa’s side chick was even writing Facebook posts to praise their love. To do ‘God when’?

And as God wey no like evil no answer am, Muyiwa’s sidechick took matters in her own hands.

She went behind her bestie’s back to try to snatch her man.



Why? Because the man was loaded and she saw how him dey spoil her bestie so she sef say make she taste and see that to be spoiled is good

But because Nigerian men don’t cheat, the man resisted the defu and informed her bestie say “Omo, that woman you call your friend dey try chop food you keep for fire o.”

And what happened next? Muyiwa’s sidechick ran to Facebook to start subbing her bestie, because she thought attack is the best form of defence.

So, no be today breeze begin dey blow her towtow into other women’s husbands and fiancees’ preeks.

No be today.

Ask anybody who knew her on Facebook from 5 or 6 years ago, they will confirm the story. I no wan tag the babe because na private person.

So don’t let the shameless tiff deceive you with grammar about how ” na open marriage and na because i be spec’


Na because you be greedy bastid wey go soon chop the one wey go choke you for throat.



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