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2022: Why you should live an intentional life


Being an intentional person means everything you do is done with a clear purpose and focus.

When you become intentional, you focus your time and energy on your strengths, and the good things in your life, and don’t let fear hold you back.

Living with intention means being in constant communication with yourself, deciding what’s working (and what’s not), and making small adjustments every day. It’s hard work but it’s the best kind of work because you are creating the kind of life you truly love.

Being intentional is a capability you can grow every day and will change your life.  To move your life forward and make progress every day, being intentional about what is important to you and then taking action on those things will be two guiding qualities.

Being intentional helps you become more present and achieve bigger and better goals in your business and life.  When you are intentional, you bring a clear purpose, structure, and positive mindset to your day.

Listed below are clear ways women can live intentional lives as we usher in 2022:

1. Be deliberate with your day

When you are intentional with your time, energy, and focus each day, you are more likely to achieve the result you want. Being intentional with your time ensures you have a clear structure for your day and allows you to establish daily routines that support your goals.


2. Be purposeful with your time

To be intentional with your time, it’s important to understand that certain priorities, relationships, and collaborations will help you achieve the results you want. To be purposeful with your time, set boundaries around your time, set aside time for self-care, and plan around your energy levels.

3. Stay focused on your goals

Setting goals gives you a plan and path to work towards every day and ensures you start your day with focus and purpose. When your goals are clear, you know why you want to achieve your goals and when you want to achieve them. This clarity helps you structure your time, as well as invest your time and energy in your biggest priorities.

4. Be clear about the kind of result you want

To be more intentional, be clear about the outcome you want through goal setting. When you have an emotional investment in your bigger purpose and goals, you take the necessary action to see them materialize. Seeing what your life looks like once you have achieved your goals increases your confidence and ensures you stay motivated.

5. Be mindful of your most important relationships

When you appreciate your most important relationships, you experience greater gratitude, abundance and self awareness.

It helps you understand the purpose and importance of every relationship you have.  When you take the time to understand why a relationship is important, you feel happier and more joyful.

Identifying what you want from a relationship ensures that you are clear about the best result you want from that relationship.



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