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Erica Campbell Speaks On Being Called Out Of Her Name For Wearing Infamous Bodycon Dress


Almost a decade after the fact, gospel singer Erica Campbell recently addressed the backlash she received after rocking a white bodycon dress on the cover of her 2013 single “Help,” the title track off her debut solo album.

Campbell opened up about the hypocrisy she felt subjected to by other Christians for being too sexy while speaking as a guest on the Frequently Asked Questions podcast. 

“I’ve had people call me hoes and harlots … all kinds of stuff,” said Campbell candidly. “I’ve had people say I’m in the Illuminati.”

While acknowledging some of the criticism she faced “comes with the territory” simply because she’s in the public eye, the former Mary Mary singer explained that, “if you’re not ready for that it can make you retreat and be like, ‘I can’t do this.’”

“Had any R&B singer had that [dress on], they would’ve been like ‘Oh my God she’s so covered up, that’s a turtleneck,’” Campbell argued, adding, “Christianity has a problem with sexuality.”


Erica Campbell has a history of speaking her mind on the hypocrisy she feels plagues the Christian community.


Social media users had a lot to say in the comment section after the singer controversially said masturbation cheapens and lessens sexual pleasure because that satisfaction is supposed to be shared amongst spouses. 

Recently, the Grammy-winning singer shared her opinion on Kanye’s behavior and highlighted that those who practice Christianity and show up as such on Sundays should carry that same energy throughout the rest of the week.

Erica Campbell also theorized that Kanye’s troublesome online behavior is due to the rapper’s ongoing divorce from Kim Kardashian.

“When you love somebody it doesn’t go away because you get divorced. That’s why they be so mad after — cause they still in love,” she said, adding, “My mother and father married each other three times. Cause they couldn’t, they couldn’t — they just loved each other.”

“Sometimes it’s that way — you try and it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean the love goes away,” Erica Campbell concluded. 


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