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Man who caught his wife cheating reveals that trying to divorce her is traumatic 


A Kenyan-Nigerian man has shared how he’s been battling post-divorce trauma after getting a divorce from his wife, whom he caught cheating.

The man, simply identified as Jua on Twitter, in a series of tweets, recounted all his now ex-wife made him go through after he caught her cheating.

Jua said the experience was so difficult and draining that he still gets trauma from the legal process.

According to him, his ex-wife, who’s a devout church goer, kicked him out of his house, seized his mails, and was hell-bent on ending him because she was mad at him because he caught her cheating.


“My divorce was messy. So much was at stake. I still get traumas from the legal process. Everything was outed and I felt naked for public scrutiny just because of a cheating, vicious woman I loved decided to get greedy. I’m glad I wasn’t even poisoned or killed.

It was wild. The more I stayed away from her, the more obsessive she became. She was mad because I caught her cheating. She was hell-bent on ending me. I’ve never seen someone switch up to pure evil before. All this time, she was still going to church and posting smiling pics!” He wrote on Twitter.



I don’t know why but I don’t believe this story. You caught your wife cheating but she threw you out of the house, you felt naked from public scrutiny, how?

If she cheated and you caught her, why are you the one feeling bad and scrutinized? Why is keeping the house and making life difficult for you?

This man needs to state what truly happened in his marriage because his story doesn’t make sense. If the woman was the one who cheated, I know how this man would have humiliated her publicly that she won’t even have the energy to fight for anything.


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